Episode - Choose Your Story

  • Ben Martin

This drama-filled storytelling game thrills both teenagers and game-maniac adults by allowing them to select the path of the story they want or create their own story. It uses excellent graphics that will keep you thrilled to dab in and play for the first time. The imagery is realistic, and the game setting will keep you immersed. As the game is about reading and having fun with animations, the designers did a great job with motions and display. Also, the images are censored to ensure that your child is safe from sexual content. This game is fun, and the fact that the graphics sync well with common color themes makes it a sought-after iOS and Android app.

Get trapped with the relatable gameplay

The game is very responsive to your commands and can also be played on Android or iOS hence you can play this game anywhere you are connected to the internet. The game allows you to choose your story among the many available romance stories on the platform, but you can also create your own story and post it on the forum. Before posting your story on the forum, you must ensure that your story has 400 words per episode. The stories on this game are about love, dating, and romance. Since anybody can submit a story, it is recommended that any gamer must be above 13 years of age.

When you download the game from App Store or Google Android Play Store, you will be able to access more stories for free. However, to gain more control of the game, you’ll need gems to upgrade. The gems influence the direction of the story while allowing you to read without having to wait for the three-hour delay to elapse. To enjoy your game fully, be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

The app's simple and straightforward controls are convenient and ideal for this kind of game. Notably, this game has so many functional keys that are also up-to-date; you just need to know when and how to use them. For starters, pressing “Directing Helper” will open a new world of options, you press “Spot Helper” to reveal the coordinates where the character is so that you can adjust it however you like.

The controls are right on the sides of the game screen. You only have to know what exactly you want to do and then slide in the right segment to access it.

What makes me play it over and over?

The game’s replay value is in the fact that you can create myriads of new stories that players can choose from on the platform. The fact that you can also go through the numerous love stories from other players is also a plus for this section. While some parents may have made it a no-no for their kids, there are controls which you can use to filter the explicit content simply by turning off the ‘bad stuff.’ Generally, this game is fun, and you can’t stop asking for more.

In-app purchases help improve the gaming experience by enhancing aesthetics and ease of play. The developers had this in mind, creating a lead game with great in-purchases, of which most are available on the premium plan. Notably, the purchases come at lower costs. The most expensive of these include the Extra Large Pack of Gems, Extra Large Pack of Passes, and Value Pack 010, all of which go for $9.00. The cheapest ones include 3 Passes, 10 gems, and Value Pack 001 which go for $0.99.

Whether you are on premium or not, remember always to update your App Store or Google Play app for a great experience.

This is just a must-have game

Episode is a leading game on the web. With myriads of reviews (both positive and negative), it is clear that most game fans have tried this game. Whether they stuck to it or regretted is a mystery. From the point of an adult gamer, I loved this game, and I would like to recommend it to another adult with equal game-elating thrills as me. The stories are a fun read, and the animations just make the stories something more.