SimCity BuildIt

  • Ben Martin

The concept of the SimCity BuidIt app is what got my attention. As the player of this game, you are the mayor of the town. You get to build your city, make decisions and provide a great environment for your citizens, the Sims. Your primary responsibility is to ensure your Sims do not move out of your city. It is simply amazing, and I was ready for the challenge when I first got the game.

Create a Vibrant and Functional City

SimCity BuildIt has incredible gameplay. It allows you to build a city from scratch and provide necessities to your city residents. It also gives you a chance to compete with other players throughout the world which makes it even more fun. As you move up the levels, it becomes more challenging which gives you a sense of accomplishment each time you overcome another hurdle. It is simply fun.

When I thought about creating a town, the first thing that came to my mind was building a vibrant city full of skyscrapers, factories, landmarks and parks. However, I was forgetting one simple rule that I got to learn while playing the game: you have to make your city functional. While building skyscrapers is essential, you should not forget to solve real problems like pollution, fires and traffic. In addition to this, you should provide education, security, power, water and other necessities that will keep your citizens happy and comfortable in your city. The game offers everything you need to do all this.

This iDevice and Android app also has impressive graphics. The game is probably one of the most visually appealing games. The ability to zoom in is a true testament to how great the graphics are. The buildings are slick and real looking, the animations are at their best, and the entire game has a way of coming alive.

Allow You Imagination to Run Wild

There are no limitations on what you can do with this iOS and Google Android game. You can make your city as unique as possible. You have the chance to unlock iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower to give a personal spin to your city. In addition to this, you can incorporate futuristic elements into your town to make it beautiful. The app has made everything possible. It is up to you to make your city as unique as you can.

Show Your Competitors Who’s A Boss

This free to download app also gives you an opportunity to compete against other players. You get to declare war on other cities and unleash disasters that can ruin them so that you can get ahead. While in battle with other cities, you can also earn valuables that will help you improve your city. In addition to this, you can take on other players in contests for mayors where you battle it out to see who the best mayor is.

The controls of this App Store and Google Play app for building cities are tailored to the game perfectly. There are controls like tilt, zoom, rotate and pan which make it very easy and convenient for you to build your city. The other thing I like about the controls is the fact that they are self-explanatory and well-organized on the screen in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the gameplay.

This game is worth replaying. I think what gives it the replay value is its competitive aspect. When you start battling it out with other players, you will want to play over and over again just to win. However, even when you are not playing against other mayors, you will still have fun trying to ensure your Sims do not move out of your city.

You will have to purchase some things to improve your city, such as different buildings and amenities. The in-app purchases go for about $19.00. It’s quite expensive, and I think it can prevent most players who can’t afford it from getting the most out of the game.

I absolutely love SimCity BuildIt. I play it for hours non-stop without getting bored. I especially adore the fact that I can compete with other players and interact with different people around the world. Anyone who likes playing games will enjoy this fantastic app. You can get the latest version of this leading app on App Store or Google Play Store. Make sure you get the updated version so that you can utilize all the latest features.