Megacraft - Pocket Edition

  • Ben Martin

With every dawn, there is a new video game for mobile devices created. The sad thing about this is that not many of these games offer great user experience. However, there are some that have become fan favorites even while they were in the beta stage. A great example is Minecraft. 

Minecraft gives players a lot of freedom and stirs their creativity while still entertaining them. This has resulted in very positive reviews, a lot of installs and success for the game. As a result, the developers decided to try the game on Xperia Play, and it was a huge success. Now, there is an Android app version of the game which hopes to attain the same level of triumph as the other versions. Does this app live up to all the expectations? Let’s find out.

Fun with Blocks

Pocket Edition Free is basically the Android version of the popular PC game Minecraft. The main idea behind the creation of this Google Android game is enabling users to play Minecraft on the go. The objective of the game is to transform a random environment with your own designs, turning it into a beautiful place.

For some people, crafting can be an exhilarating task and for others, a very daunting one. It may be exciting to the free-thinking kind of players who like to figure things out on their own. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about players who enjoy scripted games with clear instructions. The game features a neat terrain with beaches, hills, and caverns of rock where you can build your amazing designs.

Building things is actually very simple. It doesn’t take a long time to build large structures from scratch, and it doesn’t take any effort at all. As long as you know how to play the game, it will be a walk in the park.

One thing I loved about this Google Play app for crafting is the fact that there is a wide selection of building options to choose from. You can use wood, stone, multicolored stones and any other material you prefer. There are also flowers that come in handy when you want to decorate your buildings. The fantastic 3D graphics make all your creations look great and polished. 

Tap into Your Creativity

Although this game has amazing gameplay, its controls fall short of expectations. The idea behind the controls is excellent, but unfortunately, the execution is feeble. To control the game, you have to swipe to view the environment, and there is a Virtual-D pad for crafting. The swipe feature is extremely slow, and I think it is odd that they would put the jump button at the center of the pad. It is clumsy and feels very unnatural every time I play the game.

It’s a Very Small World

If you are used to playing Minecraft on your PC, you will need some time to adjust to the small screen when playing this free-to-play game. However, this should not deter you from playing it thanks to the incredible features. Although the controls need some updates, there is no doubt you will enjoy crafting and building using Pocket Edition.

The game doesn’t have any in-app purchases. Everything is made available to you for free. However, free things come with a caveat. The price you will be paying, in this case, is dealing with a lot of ads. However, they are bearable and don’t really interfere with your gaming experience.


Overall, Pocket Edition is a wonderful game. I play it on repeat quite often and never get bored. It might not deliver the exact experience you would get playing Minecraft on PC, but it is perfect for playing on the go. Therefore, if you are a fan of Minecraft or in search of a great building and crafting game, this is the one for you. It will have you building for hours non-stop. You can get the latest version of this leading app on Google Play Store or any secure mobile app website of your choice.