Turbo Dismount™

  • Ben Martin

The last words you would expect to hear in a description of a vehicular destruction and decapitation game are comical and upbeat. However, this is exactly how I would describe Turbo Dismount. This leading game is quite light-hearted; it is only that it features dismemberment and vehicle collisions.  This is actually my favorite thing about the game. Some people might consider it grotesque, but I absolutely love it.

Share Amazing Destructions

I would describe the gameplay of this iOS and Android app as a physics sandbox. You get to choose everything in this game. You select your dummy’s position, obstacles, driving speed, camera angle, vehicles, and other things. Once this is done, your dummy gets on the journey of its lifetime, and you get to sit back and watch your glorious creation. The physics in this game are unmatched, but I think they sacrificed reality for a lot of theatrics.

The other thing I love about this iOS and Google Android app is the playback and recording options. My favorite is integrated video sharing on social networks. This is perfect for when you want to share your destructions with your friends. If you are more laid back, you can upload clips directly to YouTube and share your victory with the world.

This game uses 3D models and has a pastel color theme. Something about it reminds me of children’s toys. However, I think it has a good finish, and it is quite neat. The music used in the game is very catchy and interesting, but it tends to get very repetitive. I like that in this App Store and Google Play app for destruction you can hear the sound of the dummy’s bones cracking and the sound of the different things you crash into.

An Assortment of Characters and Vehicles

From the start, you will have a number of characters to choose from. These include Mr. Ego, Mr. Heft, Ms. Dismount and Mr. Dismount. All these characters pose differently on the vehicles apart from Mr. and Ms. Dismount who seem to have the same poses regardless of their different body structures. You will have three vehicles to choose from as well. The first option is a delivery van. The second option is a Maximum which features the front end of a trailer truck minus the cargo. Your final option is a Token Bird. None of these vehicles are handled the same. Your task is to figure out how to handle each of them for the best experience.

Affordability Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Most games feature very expensive purchases that ruin the experience for you. This is something you do not have to worry about when it comes to the App Store or Google Play app for Turbo Dismount. It is clear they had the player in mind when creating their IAP model.

The in-app purchase setup of this game is something I have never seen in any other game. At the beginning of the game, you get a total of 3 vehicles and 3 levels. Any other additional unlock is $0.99. The best thing about the in-app purchases is the fact that the entire game has a vanishing complete unlock. It begins at $5.99 and is reduced every single time you make a small purchase. You can even unlock everything by making some impulsive purchases. How amazing is that!

This free to download game also has straightforward controls. The controls are self-explanatory and ideally suited for the game. It has left, up, and right buttons that make it possible for you to control the vehicles. Everything is conveniently placed to better your experience.

I am addicted to this game. I always want to go back to playing it and create amazing destructions that I can share on YouTube or social media with my friends. I play this game every chance I get. I think you’ll get addicted as well to creating destructions and sharing them with friends.

Turbo Dismount is an excellent game. It has terrific characters, numerous features and most importantly, incredible gameplay. I wouldn’t substitute this game for any other. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves this genre of video games. I promise you will not be able to stay away from it. Get the latest version on App Store or Google Play Store and ensure it is updated for the best experience.