• Top 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Whatsapp Top 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Whatsapp The Whatsapp app has been existing since 2009. Currently, it has a vast fun club and over two billion installations around the world. The app includes everything you have ever needed: from simple messages to group calls. Despite all its advantages, you have to be careful to prevent the use of your data by strangers and other disappointing things. So, there are 6+ things I highly don't recommend you do on Whatsapp. Saving Received Media Files Automatically If you find out that your device lacks storage space, check whether WhatsApp doesn't save received images and videos automatically. Is your gallery full of...
    • Feb 02, 2021
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  • Top 6 Website Trends in 2021 Top 6 Website Trends in 2021 Web design trends are continually changing. The reason is the opening of more and more new features, as well as the growing demands of users. In 2021 the designers play on the edge. They try new various techniques and experiment because the technical possibilities seem endless. At the same time, such styles as minimalism and colorful flat illustrations stay popular still. So, let’s talk about the design trends for this year. Voice Interfaces Virtual smart assistants such as Alice, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are popular among users. So they are searching for this type of interaction on the Internet. Talking directly to...
    • Feb 05, 2021
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  • Top-5 Monument Valley Alternatives Top-5 Monument Valley Alternatives Monument Valley is a masterpiece among indie-games with outstanding graphics and creative gameplay. This puzzle game became incredibly popular right after it was published back in 2014. Experts still argue what made it the gamers’ favorite choice. And after you have played it multiple times, you may feel devastated, missing the precious moments of exploring this imaginary world and helping princess Ida. Cheer up! I have gathered the list of not exactly the same, but similar games for everyone who misses Monument Valley. They can guarantee you a great time with new fantasy worlds and fairy-tales that came to life. Here...
    • Feb 08, 2021
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