Unison League

  • Ben Martin

Social RPG games are quite exciting. They not only make it possible for you to interact with different people around the world but also make gaming more interesting because you are not in it alone. The challenge is in finding a great RPG game that is not only engaging but includes a number of activities.

Union League TH is one of the few social RPG games that will have you and your friends entertained and spoilt for choice. In this review, I cover the different features of the game and some of the aspects that make it stand out from the rest.

Create Your Own Characters

One of the best things about this app is that you get to choose which character you play. There are five classes to choose from which include supportive cleric, glass cannon mage, all-rounded archer, powerful yet fragile lacer and the tanky soldier. The choice you make is very important because these different characters play different roles in the game. The different classes have their own set of skills and weapons. You will also get to collect skills and obtain two job changes to advance to higher levels. Once you have chosen a class, you can customize your character by changing their hair and different facial appearances to make it easy to differentiate them from the rest.

Join in on the Fun

This iOS and Android app features a real-time party system which allows you to connect with other players that are also in the same stage. In case there isn’t any other player in your stage, the system will automatically connect you to AI teammates. In each stage, there can only be five players. These players can talk manually via messages or through the built-in macros. It is imperative to master the art of communicating with your teammates in the initial stages. It becomes a necessity later on where you need to be very careful about which skills, summons and abilities you decide to use. If you are not up for the idea of playing from one stage to another, you have the option of choosing ‘Recommended Quests’ which takes you to quests that are already in progress, or you can choose ‘Friend Quests’ to join your friends on their quests.

This App Store and Google Play app for social interaction and quests is basically divided into various stages. Players travel through the game one stage at a time. In each of them, there is a boss battle and three enemy waves. For every wave, the players get to choose from a number of actions including class skills, cheer, defend and attack. The game features a cooldown for each action so that the team can decide which one to perform next. After completing a stage, you get premium currency and gems.

Amazing Graphics

Union League TH also stands out because it has great 2D graphics. The animated characters are charming and well-designed, and the surroundings have a great battle feel to them. The controls are also top-notch. They are good for beginners thanks to the barebones approach, and I have never had any issue while playing because they have fantastic response. I also like that the app is frequently updated with additional improvements and features.

Although this iOS and Google Android app is free to download, it contains several in-app purchases, mainly gear chests known as spawns. These gears are bought using gems. For instance, you can get ‘rare gear’ comprising armor, weapons and a summon for 3 gems. These gems range from ฿35.00 to ฿1,120.00. I have found these in-app items to be very restrictive because it is impossible to move faster through the later stages without upgrading your gear. However, if you don’t mind staying on one stage for a while, you can get through the game without spending any money.

I play this iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Android game with my friends every single day and we’ve never had enough of it. Therefore, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good game they can play with friends. Bring in loads of them to make things even more fun. The latest version of this leading social RPG game is available on Google Play Store and App Store.