Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder

  • Chloe Garcia

In the world of video gaming, the 'Super Mario Bros.' is a name synonymous with classic and inventive gameplay. For decades, its relevance has remained unchallenged, and its latest addition, 'Super Mario Bros. Wonder', has proved no different. The game exhibits the franchise's tried-and-tested gaming experience, presented in its most inventive 2D form you've seen in the past three decades.

Sensational Platforming and Artistry

'Super Mario Bros. Wonder' fills your journey with gratifying moments. Be it Mario or his exciting group of friends, the characters have never been as visually appealing, auditory pleasing, or gameplay-wise convincing as they are in this version. The accompanying soundtrack is peppy, adding to the game's overall vibrancy. Its unique art style adds an emphasis to the intricate components of the characters and the world around them.

Creative Level Design

The game assures riveting experiences with its inventive level designs. Irrespective of whether you're hopping off hippo-shaped creatures to reach new heights or rolling through lava-filled paths, collecting items along, each stage introduces a new gameplay element mastered over time. The dynamic nature of the stage designs adds to the overall excitement and anticipation.

Power-ups and Badge System

'Super Mario Bros. Wonder' introduces fun-filled and useful power-ups – Elephant Fruit, Drill Mushroom, and Bubble Flower. However, its invention that stands out is the Badge system that enhances the abilities of your character. The Parachute Cap gives the ability to glide while the Sensor detects nearby secrets. My personal favorite, though, is Crouching High Jump for its wide application.

Wonder Effects-The Star Attraction

The game’s eponymous feature, Wonder Effects, often brings unexpected changes to the level, making the user question what comes next. The Wonder Flower, for instance, might convert Mario into one of Bowser's allies or transport him up among celestial bodies for a challenging obstacle course. This feature introduces novel gameplay mechanics and makes for unpredictable and enjoyable boss battles.

Boss Fights with a Twist

Though 'Super Mario Bros. Wonder doesn't have many traditional boss fights, the few existing ones cleverly utilize Wonder Effects for an unforeseen twist. Although these effects bring diversity to the battles, the repetitions of movesets and character battles could use some variety. Regardless, the creative application of Wonder Effects in the final showdown is sheer delight and a memorable aspect of the game.

Multiplayer Experience

Although the game showcases limited multiplayer options, run-throughs with friends in local co-op mode are highly entertaining. Unfortunately, online cooperative gameplay is somewhat restricted. You can form online lobbies with friends, appearing as ghosts in separate instances, with the only interactive element being the act of reviving one another. While its race challenges are enjoyable, they pale compared to the joy of discovering secrets and witnessing Wonder Effects in single-player mode.

Surprises Galore in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

'Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers an array of delightful surprises right from the start. Although its gameplay may reflect familiarity, Nintendo's innovative tweaks to the traditional formula offer unexpected twists throughout the game. This fresh take on 'Super Mario Bros.' proves that despite its long run, the franchise still has plenty to offer.

  • Highly inventive level design keeps players engaged and interested
  • Impressive visuals and immersive experience with vibrant art and sound design
  • New power-ups and Badge systems enrich gameplay dynamics
  • Wonder Effects bring fresh new twists and turns
  • A Memorable final boss fight enhances the end game
  • The variety in boss fights could have been improved
  • The online cooperative play lacks depth and interaction
  • Repetitive use of the same character for boss fights.