Summoners War

  • Ben Martin

RPG games on iOS and Google Android are a dime a dozen. However, certain collector RPG games have made an impact in comparison to the rest. A perfect example is Summoners War. This game has a lot to offer, and it is definitely one of the leading apps on the market at the moment. Here’s why.

Go to Battle

This RPG game is a collector game in which you get to summon as many monsters as possible and use them to go to battle against your enemies. Once you have completed most of the levels in this game, you will earn a rune. This is where the depth of the game lies. Engraving the runes on your monsters makes the rune more buff. It can also increase accuracy and enhance your attack. It is also possible to power up your runes to make them even stronger. This is vital for hiding your monsters weaknesses and making them more effective in battle.

Apart from runes, the monsters in both the iOS and Android app have two attack modes. They can either use the normal attack or the multiple attacks which allow you to hit a number of times and also features other effects like healing. However, you need to be very strategic when using the multiple attack features because it has a cooldown timer. You have to make maximum use of it before it cools down. The additional gameplay facets make the game more engaging and more superior compared to other similar games.

Needed Assistance

There aren’t many iPad, Android mobile, iPhone or tablet collection RPG apps that allow you to get feedback from other players on how to maximize your gaming experience. This is one of the areas that Summoners War has an added advantage compared to its competitors. In this game, players can review different monsters to let others know which monsters are worth keeping and which ones you should use runes on. This is great because, with this information, you never have to waste your runes.

However, this fantastic feature is tempered by a limit on chatting. You cannot chat with other players unless you are on level 8 or higher. This ensures that players have some experience before they can connect with others. This is a brilliant way to make people play the game, but it is really not an advantage for the player.

Although this game comes as a free app, it features quite a number of in-app purchase that I believe restrict the game. For instance, you need to purchase crystals to be able to move further in the game since they are quite difficult to get during gameplay. The in-app purchases range from $2.99 to $99.99 which is quite expensive especially if you are not willing to spend any of your money. It is possible to play the game without making a purchase but doing this will take you a longer time to get to higher levels.

A Feast for Your Eyes

Another thing that the developers of this App Store and Google Play app for collection RPG got right is the graphics. The app has well-designed graphics and detailed animation that are not only vibrant but also look very well-executed and beautiful. This is a welcome sight considering that there are so many poor quality graphics in the RPG game scene. I like that the game features a number of female monsters that look bad ass like their male counterparts. The controls are straightforward and conveniently located on the screen for easy use and access.

I have been playing this game for a while now, and I have to say it my favorite collection RPG game. No matter how much I play it, I never seem to get bored. For this reason, I would highly recommend it to RPG game fans who are interested in a high-quality game. Make sure you get the latest version of this game so that you can take advantage of all the improved and updated features. I promise you will not regret it. Get it today on Google Play Store or the App Store.