Horse Haven World Adventures

  • Chloe Garcia

Horse Haven World Adventures Google Play app for Android devices and App Store app for iOS gadgets is a management game and a social builder that is based on the maintenance of a horse ranch. It begins with Cousin Amy who does a good job restoring her aunt’s Montana farm center and expands it gradually. With the use of coins, which is the basic currency for the game, you can establish fields and construct stables, fences, a market, or even a feed mill. The primary attention is on breeding horses, and you have to plant and harvest crops in the fields to provide food.

Enjoy the gameplay with amazing 3D graphics

The elements of the games such as the horses in the stable are displayed separately and in 3D. The game features impressive environments that are ideal for races such as Japan’s cherry blossoms, Mexico’s pyramid valley, and more. With an update to the latest version of the game, you can enjoy enhanced graphics that guarantee an enjoyable experience.

The horses begin as a tiny foal of a distinct breed attached with a particular rarity level (special, rare, elite, or mythic). You can customize a horse with a custom look and a name. As you feed and groom a horse, it will continue to earn experience while leveling up. When the value of the horse raises, you will earn more income as coins. Additionally, the game offers a myriad of tasks which get rewarded with coins as well as experience,\ if you’re at the level of a personal player. With each new level, you’ll unlock new features, items, breeds, and buildings.

Feeding aside, you also need to lay down hay in the different stables. After the horse has grown and reached a particular level, it can serve breeding purposes to take part in steeplechases. You only need to make it jump over the obstacles by tapping it, and you can collect the coins along the way. A stamina meter, represented by a heart, should never be empty, as this will signify the end of a game. Therefore, to extend your life, you’ll also need to collect hearts along the way.

The iOS and Google Android app has simple controls that are just ideal for this kind of games. It allows you to level up your horse if you fulfill the needs such as feeding them, grooming or even mucking out. Collecting coins from your stables is also easy, and you can do it whenever you see a coin floating on top of the stable. It appears once you have accumulated over 50 gold pieces in the stable. You’ll also notice that breeding your horses takes long and is also expensive. You can also unlock other ranches as you play. All you have to do is keep ranking up, and the ranches will unlock.

With controls that are ideal for the gameplay, the game becomes so convenient.

Can I replay the game?

The continuous development of the horses keeps players coming back to the game to take care of their horses for them to be in the best state for competitions. You can raise more than a hundred unique ponies and horses, and you are required to nurture, feed, pet, and groom your horse to foresee their growth from foal to a complete adult.

The game is free to download, free-to-play and comes with several in-app purchases especially for diamonds which is the premium currency. You can also use the diamonds to access many elements of the game and skip waiting times right away. Additionally, you can earn coins by watching video ads, collecting them from buildings in small amounts. The games starter packs also combine an array of elements.

Why anyone needs this adventure

I would recommend the app to horse lovers who would appreciate scenery changes since these are the elements that make Horse Haven World Adventures one of the best examples in the particular genre. What’s more, the leading game works perfectly on my Android mobile device and has never crushed or jammed. My friend uses iOS version, and the performance is great as well. The myriad of features makes it a must-have app for horse racing enthusiasts.