Goosebumps Night of Scares

  • Chloe Garcia

The Goosebumps novels were very popular back in the day. They came back to the scene when developers Cosmic Forces decided to revive them in almost every form of media. For fans of the series, this was a welcome comeback. The series is now on the mobile platform as a Google Android adventure game titled Goosebumps Night of Scares. Whether this was the right move of the wrong one can only be determined by how the game fares in entertaining players and maintaining a unique storyline. Let’s find out what Goosebumps has to offer as an Android app.

All Kinds of Spooky

The protagonist in Goosebumps Night of Scares is R. L. Stine, the owner of an old haunted house with weird, scary artifacts and creaky floors. Basically, your job as the player is to control R. L. Stine as he goes through his home to uncover the mysteries and secrets that lie within. You will have to test your resilience against ghosts, vampires, ventriloquist dummies and other dangers as you go through the large spooky house.

It is quite apparent that this game hopes to claim a spot in the current trend of horror-inspired puzzle games. Most of these apps have not hit the mark when it comes to delivering quality games. You can tell that there is still no clear distinction between film and games with these particular apps. In my opinion, the developers are focusing more on the emotional aspect as opposed to its gaming effect, design and end-user experience. This is where the Google Play app for Goosebumps has the upper hand. The game has impressive graphics which bring the characters to life, and the audio is simply perfect.

This game features an immersive atmosphere, amazing hypnotizing audio effects, effective jump scares and a mesmerizing world to explore. All these astonishing things about the game give the competitors a run for their money. However, the game has several major weaknesses too. When compared to some of the leading horror-themed games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, this game doesn’t appear as impressive because it feels more like a point-and-click type of game.

Relax and Watch

Usually, game developers take full advantage of the initial stages of their games. They use this stage to teach you the essential mechanics, acquainting you with the different tools and features before the difficulty increases. This doesn’t happen in this game. The game never deviates from the standard puzzle formula. This makes it quite annoying because there really is no challenge involved. At some point, you will have to run away from ghosts which break the monotony a bit but don’t do much for the game. If you are looking for something that will challenge you and have you doing lots of stunts, sadly, this is not the game for you. However, if you are craving believable spooky games, this application definitely makes the cut. The controls are quite decent. However, you don’t get to use them a lot since you will be watching most parts of the game instead of actually playing.
Goosebumps Night of Scares is free and doesn’t include any in-app purchases, which is excellent. However, you will have to deal with a good number of ads that can be quite annoying, especially when you are trying to control the game. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a reason not to play the game.

Worth It

Goosebumps Night of Scares might not be very interactive, but it is a fun game to play. It is spooky, and the graphics are quite impressive. I would recommend it to anyone who loves Goosebumps. It will let you enjoy the series in a different way. Players who love interesting puzzle games can also enjoy it. I have played the game numerous times, and I can attest to its addictiveness. Get the latest version on Google Play Store and join in on the fun. Ensure the app is regularly updated for the best experience. You will not regret it.