Block City Wars: Mafia Town

  • Ben Martin

Are you looking for a gaming experience with real danger and audacious daredevils? If yes, then its time you set out to explore Block City’s criminal world. The leading gaming application allows you to use their one-of-a-kind Skins Exporter for Minecraft.
With a plethora of war and shooter games in Google Play and App Stores, you may have encountered games that tend to be fancy with regards to graphics.

That, however, doesn’t mean that Block City Wars doesn’t match these standards. The game may be regarded to be a complete clone of any available GTA, and what makes it stand out is the exceptional pixel graphics. If you download the iOS version from App Store or Google Play app for Android, then you’ll have the opportunity to experience a phenomenal and thrilling survival mission.

Get intrigued with the captivating gameplay

Block City Wars Google Android and iOS app puts players against a myriad of blockhead characters residing in a city characterized with violence and destruction. You’ll engage in battles with several enemies in a vast world that you can search and discover with surprises waiting for you around each corner of the game. Here, you can utilize or take advantage of plenty of vehicles that offer a feature that is unique to your upcoming missions.

Throughout the game, you will battle with your friends as well as the thousands of players across the world to earn the title of the best gangster. You also get the opportunity to drive awesome cars real hard and also get to use the coolest guns to dominate over your rivals. First, you have to choose the most appropriate skin then join mad mayhem straight away. Here are some of the features:

  • Features to enjoy
  • There are five excellent multiplayer modes: Infection Zombie mode, Street Race, Tank Battles, Free PVP Fight, and Team Deathmatch. Moreover, you experience:
  • Over ten unique PvP maps 
  • The setting is a huge megalopolis, and you are free to do whatever you like
  • Over 30 transport means including tanks, cutters, helicopters, sports cars, and motorcycles
  • A list of full game stats and daily winners
  • Over 150,000 online daily players
  • Myriads of gangster quests
  • To enjoy additional features, ensure you update the app.
  • Convenient controls and features that would keep you coming back

Block City Wars iOS and Android app is equipped with lots of alluring controls that befit a game of this nature, making it easy and convenient to play the game. The navigation controls are located at the bottom left corner of the game, and all the other icons are located at the far ends of the game display, making it easy for you to maneuver through the game setting. The controls are quite straightforward, an attribute that is ideal for this game genre.

The replay value of Block City Wars is in the challenging survival missions where you will struggle to remain alive for as long as possible. What’s more, the game has an online mode where you can play against other players worldwide. The latest version has a higher replay value since it’s jam-packed with loads of new weapons, insane explosions, tanks, and lots of guests. Moreover, the replay value of the game is also in the fact that you get to accomplish lots of tasks assigned by mafia bosses. I cannot but play over and over again.

The money to pay

The game offers in-app purchases of between $0.99 - $99.99 per item for players to enjoy an array of additional enhancements and new gameplay. Here are some of the features offered by the in-app purchases:

  • Three additional modes
  • Customization of vehicles

New content including sneakers, new hats, car Red Hot, crazy Titans, and Exoskeleton. 

A localized game into an additional six languages including Russian, English, Spanish, German, Korean, and French

My final thought

Block City Wars + Skins Export is a gaming experience with five-star potential. Upon my first use, I found it to be clever, smart, and with quality replay value. The functionality is just top-notch, and the features will keep you coming back. What’s more, the graphics and sounds are just exceptional and excellent for this genre of games. I would recommend the free download to gaming enthusiasts seeking the best mobile gaming experiences. Notably, the app functions pretty well on my Android mobile and doesn’t crash even on the iPad or iPhone.