Unlock the Magic of Strategy in These Top-5 Clash of Clans Alternatives

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Unlock the Magic of Strategy in These Top-5 Clash of Clans Alternatives
Clash of Clans is an immensely popular game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. But, if you feel like you’ve mastered this game and need something new to challenge your strategic abilities, then these top-5 alternatives to Clash of Clans are sure to give you a run for your money. From exciting battles with dragons and monsters to fast-paced tower defense action, there’s something here for everyone! 

Boom Beach

Boom beach logo

Happiness awaits you on Boom Beach! Command your troops through thrilling battles against enemy forces as you build up your island base and defend it from attack. This free-to-play strategy game combines exploration and combat with resource management for an exciting adventure set in a mysterious archipelago. 


In Boom Beach, players take control of their own island base, which they must defend from invaders while also expanding its size and capabilities. To do this, they will have to explore the surrounding islands, liberate any prisoners found within them, battle enemy forces using powerful units such as tanks or air strikes, and harvest resources like wood and iron ore from them too. You can also join forces with other players online in order to share resources or form alliances that can help take down tougher opponents faster than going it alone would allow. The end goal is simply building up a strong enough army so that you can become ruler over all the islands! 

Story & Setting

Set on a mysterious archipelago full of secrets waiting to be uncovered by brave explorers who dare venture into its depths - Boom Beach tells an epic tale where human courage meets alien technology head-on! Players will find themselves pitted against hostile natives armed with powerful weapons created by ancient but advanced aliens known only as “The Ancients” who guard their hidden treasures carefully - but those brave enough may discover great rewards for those willing to risk everything.  

Castle Clash

Castle clash logo

Get ready for some intense castle sieging action in Castle Clash! This highly addictive real-time strategy (RTS) game puts players in charge of leading their own armies into battle against hordes of enemies out there looking for glory - or destruction - whichever fits best at any given time.  


In Castle Clash, players must use careful tactics when building up their bases while making sure they have enough defensive structures in place so that no one else can break into their territory uninvited – meanwhile, they'll also need offensive structures such as archer's towers or mages guilds so they can send out waves upon waves upon enemies coming after them without mercy! Furthermore, almost every aspect within the game is customizable, including unit types (which range from infantry soldiers all way up giants), spells castable during combat scenarios, plus many more options giving gamers plenty of room for creativity when designing how exactly they want to approach each level's challenges.

Story & Setting 

Taking place within fantastical realms inhabited by magical creatures, knights, goblins, and elves, among others – Castle Clash provides an immersive environment ripe with possibilities where kings rule supreme however, don't be surprised if, eventually, even those mighty rulers fall prey to someone else's ambitions either. Players enter this medieval universe just another small village trying to survive amongst bigger rivals, yet soon after stories, greatness begins to swirl around them – could it be destiny knows best? The only way to find out the journey ahead beckons. 

Total War Battles Kingdom

total war logo

Step back into history and embark upon the grand conquest of Total War Battles Kingdom! Sprawling across both land and sea, command vast armies and construct thriving settlements to ensure victory over adversaries before age comes crashing close.    


With the focus being large-scale warfare rather than micro-managing individual units, battles take place mostly automatically once initiated while still having impact decisions made beforehand, such as smaller objectives determining bonuses awarded during fights instance. Thus important make sure to have the right combination of soldiers and attackers' defenders before launching offensives well position formations accordingly since wrong moves result in defeat despite having superior numbers might times.       


Recreating a turbulent period of European history between the 10th and 15th centuries, Total War Battles Kingdom plunges players deep midst of chaos, wars, rampant poverty, disease famine running rampant continent. Starting humble beginnings campaign progress becomes intertwined dramas unfolding medieval world should choose wisely loyal allies turn away potential traitors otherwise outcome war might not what expected. 

Star Wars Commander

star wars commander logo

Live dreams of becoming a powerful commander legendary side choosing light dark join fight online multiplayer warfare Star Wars Commander! Gather troops build bases, wage war factions dominate the galaxy far, far away.     


Join either Empire Rebellion side and select characters to specialize in various roles ranging from ground infantry fighter pilots special operations agents etc. Afterward, proceed to upgrade and equip chosen hero squadron's battle droids.       


The game is set during the Galactic Civil War, and players can choose to join either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance in a fight for control of the galaxy. Players must build, upgrade, and defend their base while also taking part in interplanetary battles against opposing forces. The game features a variety of iconic Star Wars characters and vehicles, including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and X-Wings.

Empires & Allies 

Empires & Allies logo

Ready to assemble an ultimate force and unleash full power modern weaponry Empires & Allies? Realistic graphics coupled state art sound effects bring life to epic clash civilizations spanning multiple eras inviting everyone to partake in truly global conflict.    


Gamers begin constructing empires, starting with simple villages and slowly expand reach mountainous fortresses and massive metropolises. The depending strategy employed course defending growing cities requires choosing appropriate defenses, turrets, cannons walls available in addition to forming alliances. Friends and neighbors are necessary to fend off attacks from rival nations these connections come quite in handy exchanging gifts and bonus items that boost overall strength faction exchange goods services benefit both parties long run. Lastly, participating in invasion ratings takes a whole different level and involves lots of planning and hard work, often difficult to achieve success due fact opponents become increasingly well-prepared overtime.    


Spanning numerous timelines throughout the ages, Empires & Allies presents a unique opportunity to explore various conflicts fought by humanity's past and present future. The main objective remains strongest to survive a treacherous landscape filled with hostile factions.
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