The Desecrated Temple at Baldur's Gate 3 — How to Open the Moon Door

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The Desecrated Temple at Baldur's Gate 3 — How to Open the Moon Door

In Baldur's Gate III, players will encounter many puzzles, and solving them will allow them to get to unique items and learn some secrets. In this guide, we will talk about visiting a Desecrated temple. There is a special door inside this location, which can be opened upon successful completion of the puzzle.

How to get into a Desecrated Temple

In the broken sanctuary, players can pass by the cage with the goblin Brakkal and enter the Desecrated temple at coordinates "272, -13". Inside, you will have to fight with the ogre of half the World.

After defeating the enemy, we follow deep into the dungeon, and at the coordinates "436, 54," we find four circles on the ground. The passage in front will be closed, so you need to turn these plates to open the door.

How to open the moon door

Baldur's Gate 3 open the moon door

Without any additional actions, the heroes can immediately start moving these platforms. Four circles of white and black colors are depicted on each plate:

  • Black is the new moon.
  • White is the full moon.

In early access, there was also an intermediate black-and-white variation of the crescent moon, but in the release version, the developers simplified the mystery. All the player has to do now is move the black circles onto the platform with the light. Pre-switch the camera using the "O" key to a flat view "From Above" to simplify viewing the puzzle, and proceed to activate the tiles.

It is necessary to rotate the platforms in the following order:

  • The upper one — once;
  • The left one — once;
  • The right one — twice;
  • Bottom — three times;
  • The left one — twice.

The correct solution to the riddle is noted in the screenshot above. As soon as all the black circles are on the bottom plate with the light, the door to the next section of the dungeon will open automatically, and the task of searching for the Song of the Night will be updated. We continue to go down and get into the Underdark.

Please also note that there is a lever on the wall that opens the moon door, but for this, it is necessary to pass the attention check successfully.

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