5 Best Board Games for Android & iOS

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5 Best Board Games for Android & iOS

Board games are an excellent option for a party with friends. But what if you cannot bring them all together or your friends prefer to spend time differently? Play your favorite board game on your device online with users from all over the world or against artificial intelligence. Train your brain and develop your strategist skills wherever you want: at home or on the go. Here you'll find five best board game adaptations for iOS and Android.

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker Board Game

The original version of Galaxy Trucker has millions of sold copies, and this fact couldn't be unnoticed by the developers of digital games. An outstanding board game saw the light thanks to Czech developer Vladimír Chvátil.

Galaxy Trucker for Android and iOS is a digital version of the popular desktop. Money is your primary goal, as in the original version. And you can earn them the only way by transporting all kinds of cargo over long, cosmic distances. You have to do your best to reach your goal. Choose load and routes, improve spacecraft, develop the economic system, including making important trading decisions. In general, the creators of the digital Galaxy Trucker retained the original gameplay, but not without innovations, of course.

You can choose a traditional group mode or a single mode, playing against AI. Test yourself in a challenge with other players from around the world. Well-designed graphics in space comics style is an exciting bonus for game fans.


Splendor Header Board Game

Asmodee Digital published Splendor for mobile devices. The physical version of the board game sold 200,000 copies in 30 countries. It has a great fun club.

The essence of the strategy remains the same. You play as a wealthy merchant, trying to get more points. You have to earn the maximum amount of money and become the most sought-after merchant. This strategy has a multiplayer mode, so users have to be cunning and brutal to win. It will be necessary to use caravans and mines for their purposes, to lead the craftsmen with the help of their influence.

Single-play mode is where the app glows. The AIs feel different from each other. Each of them has the name according to its play style. Choose between more random or more balanced variants. There are also a couple of specialized AI to play against two skilled opponents, for example. The app also can select your AI opponents by chance, if you want.


Pandemic Board Game

You need to invent medicine from four deadly diseases before they sweep the whole world. Your team must move around the planet, treat the foci of the infection, and look for resources to prescribe drugs. It works together, because time inexorably runs forward, outbreaks of diseases occur more often, and conditions worse than the plague spread in the world. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

The digital version is very close to the classic board game. As in the physical variant of the game, the wooden cubes represent the diseases. Of course, you don't have to go through the setup and takedown procedure. There is a user-friendly interface where everything you need is visible. 

Online multiplayer mode is absent. However, you can feel like you’re inside of an action movie, while playing. Choose and run more than one role, coordinating the actions of your characters. Gather a dream-team and save the world. 

Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy Board game

Iconic board economic strategy. Suitable for the lovers of science fiction and space conquest. In this game, participants have to establish colonies and develop technologies, produce resources, and trade them. 

The author of the game, Tom Lehmann, developed a unique mechanism of action planning, which consists of choosing one special card before each round and activating the related phase with it. The player who activated the stage receives a bonus, but at the same time, it allows other players to participate in the period. The selected phrases are played in a particular order. 

The digital version of Race for the Galaxy was developed and released by Temple Gates Games. The game has exciting gameplay and excellent playability because each next game is significantly different from the previous ones.

This game is quite complicated for newcomers. You'll get a taste after 2-5 games. Race for the Galaxy has a great implementation on Android and iOS. There is a multiplayer mode and an incredible AI. 


Catan board game

The Catan board game is a bestseller strategy game based on the ideas of the computer game The Settlers. It was created in 1994 in Germany and received a vast number of awards. Furthermore, the most dominant players can even take part in an international Catan contest. This legend of the board games world is also available for mobile devices now. 

The app includes multiplayer and single modes. One match takes about half an hour, but the time can change depending on the number of players and on how the process goes. Players gain and occasionally lose victory points throughout the game. As the player reaches ten points and wins, the game stops. 

Catan has a range of additions with sailors, pirates, knights and other fancy characters. As for the mobile version, you can purchase these additional versions to make the game more diverse. For example, seafarers unlock 16 unique scenarios with different goals of campaign mode. The campaign mode in Catan, which is In Cities & Knights, you have to protect your home from barbarian attacks. Try different variants to find the perfect one!

Play Your Favorite Board Games Anywhere

The board games provide challenges, develop logic skills and teaching strategies. Mobile board games can also connect players around the world. Play wherever you are, it's incredibly convenient. You don't have to set up the games: download, open, select the mode or character and play. Ready, steady, go!

Comment on your favorite board game and tell me what adaptation is the best. Please share with your friends to remind them of the good old board games and give them a chance to have fun too. Subscribe to find more fascinating games and apps.

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