Infestation 88 features Mickey Mouse as the lead character in its terrifying gameplay

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Infestation 88 features Mickey Mouse as the lead character in its terrifying gameplay

In 2022, the beloved character Winnie the Pooh entered the public domain, paving the way for the unconventional film "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" from the previous year. This release sparked imaginations about the potential unfolding when Disney's iconic "Steamboat Willie" and its rendition of Mickey Mouse transitioned to the public domain in 2024. Now, we've been given a preview.

Ryan McCaffrey from IGN had the opportunity to showcase "Infestation 88," a new episodic first-person survival horror game. The gameplay might ring a bell, with up to four players banding together to combat waves of enemies and contain various types of outbreaks. What's unprecedented here is the inaugural antagonist the game features, a character historically off-limits without Disney's green light.

Indeed, gamers will confront a more ominous iteration of Mickey Mouse from "Steamboat Willie," along with his entourage. The developers at Nightmare Forge Games seem to tread cautiously, judging by the message that sits atop the game's Steam page, indicating their concern about crossing legal boundaries with Disney:

"This game is influenced by content that is now part of the public domain. This independently crafted work has not obtained authorization, sponsorship, or endorsement from any of the original creators of these materials. All content within this game adheres to public domain guidelines, ensuring no affiliation, association, or endorsement with any current intellectual property or trademark owners."

The intriguing hook for the game implies that post-launch, during its Early Access phase later this year, we might witness an ensemble of well-known characters, possibly including Winnie the Pooh, integrated into this dark narrative:

"…as an exterminator, you're tasked with eradicating malevolent infestations spawned from corrupted variations of timeless characters and urban myths."


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