Horror Gem Barbarian Climbs Netflix's Global Charts with Impressive Rotten Tomatoes Score

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Horror Gem Barbarian Climbs Netflix's Global Charts with Impressive Rotten Tomatoes Score

An under-the-radar horror film boasting an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes is now ascending the ranks on Netflix's global charts. Despite its premiere nearly two years ago, this film has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

Gaining momentum, Barbarian claims the second spot in the streaming service’s worldwide rankings, as reported by FlixPatrol on May 9. Competing fiercely, it places just after the Kuwaiti romantic comedy Honeymoonish and surpasses Netflix's own celebrity-laden Unfrosted. As per an update from Tudum, Barbarian jumped to this position from tenth place, amassing 4.6 million views between April 29 and May 5.

Directed and scripted by Zach Cregger, the narrative follows a woman who, upon her late-night arrival at a Detroit rental, discovers the home is already occupied by a mysterious man due to an overbooking mishap. Faced with the prospect of staying alone in an unsafe area, she decides to stay, only to encounter eerie noises emanating from the basement, hinting at a terror far more significant than an unwelcomed cohabitant.

Since its addition to Netflix, the film has attracted a fresh wave of aficionados and rekindled the enthusiasm of prior fans. Social media has seen users expressing their adoration for the film, with one viewer praising its excellence after a rewatch, and another lauding it as one of the finest horror experiences they've encountered in recent memory.

The film's resurgence in popularity is hardly surprising given its acclaim among both critics and audiences, evidenced by a laudable 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film, hailed by none other than horror maestro Sam Raimi of the Evil Dead series as a favorite recent release, showcases a notable ensemble including Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård of IT fame, and Justin Long from Jeepers Creepers.

Viewers can find Barbarian on Netflix and Prime Video.

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