Google Home Incorporating New Add-Ons

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Google Home Incorporating New Add-Ons

The Google Home app is in the process of getting a major design overhaul. The updated look of the application hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s already clear that the tweaked app will shower its users with tons of new tools. As a matter of fact, the users get the chance to explore a brand new level of automation. Stay tuned for details.

These days, some lucky devils are already enjoying a handy new automation-boosting add-on — the ability for a gadget to launch a Google Assistant routine. As of today, Google Assistant routines are capable of performing an array of various actions that generally involve adjusting your lights, plugs, switches, and thermostats.

Today, routines are triggerable via voice commands or with direct in-app activation. But the possibility to activate a routine via a device is currently unavailable. And that’s exactly what the devs behind the overhaul are working on. 

The option to launch a routine with a device takes your possibilities to the brand new level. For instance, you can ‘stimulate’ a smart outlet connected to a coffee maker to inform you that the coffee maker is activated. Doesn’t this level of in-sync-ness sound super handy and smart? It sure does!

Additionally, the new functionality should also allow for routine activation via sensors. It’s possible that Google will not add this particular feature to the forthcoming update, but chances are we’ll hear more about it sometime in the future. 

These goodies are part of the app’s epic revamp featuring a brand new UI that aims at automating your smart home tech. So, how do you like using these handy add-ons for the purpose of getting your house in sync with your daily life? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We always look forward to hearing your opinion.

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