Elden Ring Director Says There’s A ‘Small Element’ Players Still Need To Find In Base Game

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Elden Ring Director Says There’s A ‘Small Element’ Players Still Need To Find In Base Game

In a revealing interview with IGN, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Elden Ring and its predecessors, opened up about the journey since the game's release two years ago. Delving into his developmental philosophy and FromSoftware's path ahead, he shared that the immense world of Elden Ring still holds secrets yet uncovered by players.

Especially intrigued by an undisclosed "small element" within the game, Miyazaki encouraged the community to dive deeper into the game's lore and landscapes. This hidden nuance, according to him, remains waiting for either a new interpretation or to be stumbled upon through dedicated exploration. The anticipation surrounding this revelation is a testament to his belief in the players' ability to digest and discover the game's meticulously crafted universe.

Beyond the mystery, Miyazaki expressed his admiration for the gamers' enthusiastic reception of Elden Ring. He explained that designing a game without explicit quest markers, opting instead to let curiosity drive exploration, has been a core design ethos. This approach underpins the game's collaborative aspect, fostering a unique player experience grounded in discovery.

Reflecting on the legacy of Dark Souls 2, which he oversaw, Miyazaki praised it as an invaluable contribution to the series despite not helming its direction. He celebrated the novel ideas it introduced, attributing its success to the fresh perspectives that different leadership can bring. Such diversity in vision is something Miyazaki deems critical for the evolution of FromSoftware's offerings.

Peering into the future, he mooted the possibility of delegating directorial roles for upcoming projects to new talents within the team. This move, he believes, will infuse the studio's creations with innovative concepts and outlooks, vital for sustaining the vibrancy of their game portfolio. While cautious about discussing a Bloodborne follow-up—citing IP constraints—he shared his enthusiasm for the newly released Armored Core 6, hinting that its success might pave the way for further installments.

Miyazaki's discourse paints a picture of a creator deeply engaged with both his work and its reception, ever eager to see where both community dedication and fresh leadership can steer the future of FromSoftware's acclaimed catalog.

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