EA assembles the biggest team ever for Battlefield to enhance focus on live-service multiplayer

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EA assembles the biggest team ever for Battlefield to enhance focus on live-service multiplayer

Electronic Arts (EA) has recently revealed plans to harness the creative power of its biggest-ever team for the Battlefield franchise, aiming to innovate both multiplayer and single-player aspects of the game. The announcement was part of EA's latest financial report, where CEO Andrew Wilson expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion of the series.

Andrew Wilson detailed during the report that teams across Motive, DICE, Criterion, and Ripple Effect are collaborating to develop a comprehensive Battlefield universe, which includes interconnected multiplayer and solo play modes. Wilson, having been personally involved in recent sessions with the team, shared his excitement after witnessing the new developments firsthand.

Further support for the project comes from the Motive studio, now an integral part of this initiative. Last month, Motive's general manager, Patrick Klaus, highlighted the involvement of Dead Space directors Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola. With their formidable experience in creating engaging narratives and large-scale battles utilizing the Frostbite engine, their contribution is expected to significantly enhance the Battlefield narrative.

Wilson reiterated the future direction for Battlefield, which incorporates a "connected" single-player experience integrated with its core live-service multiplayer. This decision comes despite concerns in a recent Game Developer Collective survey, where 70% of developers questioned the sustainability of live service models.

Highlighting the success of similar models, Wilson cited Apex Legends, which has generated over $3.4 billion in revenue so far. He attributed this success to active community engagement and responsive feedback management that significantly boosted player satisfaction globally.

The company also revealed ambitions to increase Apex Legends' appeal by delving deeper into its character-driven narratives and expanding beyond its current Battle Royale format. Meanwhile, the next season of Apex Legends, titled Upheaval, launched just a few days ago.

Regarding Battlefield, the single-player campaign development experienced a setback with the closure of Ridgeline Games in February, a studio that was formerly led by ex-Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, who has since expressed dissatisfaction with EA.

Through diligent initiatives and thought-out partnerships, EA is determined to mold the future of the Battlefield franchise, offering a deeper and more engaging gameplay experience.

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