Reptile Managment


The Dugite snake is commonly found in south west Western Australia and southern South Australia. In Western Australia, large numbers of hatchling Dugites occur during mid-February through to mid-April. The size of the hatchlings can be anywhere between 15-35 centimetres in length and can grow up to 2 metres as a full grown adult. The juvenile Dugites have a distinctive black head and are fawn in colour. As they grow into adulthood the black markings to the head disappear.

Tiger Snakes

Tiger snakes, found in the south of the southern Australian states, are prevalent mainly around wetland areas and are good swimmers. Like Dugites, they are very commonly seen in the Perth metropolitan area. The Tiger snake is one of the most venomous snakes in Australia and, indeed, the world. The Tiger snake can grow up to 1.2 metres long, with the average being 0.9 metres in length. The colouration of a Tiger snake can vary, with the most common having bands of yellow and steel-blue to black.

A Termitrust pest technician will remove the snake with professional snake catching equipment and will, depending on the species, release the reptile into a large secluded bushland area or wetlands. A further inspection of the immediate area will be carried out to ensure that no other snakes remain. If the snake is not located upon arrival, an inspection of the immediate area will be conducted. The Termitrust pest technician will offer recommendations with regards to prevention and proofing. Termitrust is able to carry out trappings, inspections, proofings and installation of snake repellers.

Proofing for Snakes

We are able to proof a number of different areas, such as weep holes into a building, unnecessary entry and plumbing points. We are able to use our signature stainless steel mesh to carry out proofing to most areas.