How to get rid of housefly quickly and easily

The appearance of harmful flying insects in the dwelling usually coincides with the onset of warm spring and summer days and lasts about six months. And during this period of time, annoying “guests” have time not only to tire out their presence of people but also to cause serious damage to the sanitary-epidemiological situation in residential premises.

Flies: What do we know about them?

Before you begin to getting rid of house flies in the house, you should study their habits and lifestyle in detail, otherwise, it will be almost impossible to ensure their effective extermination. And the first thing to remember is that the main reason for their appearance is to create a favorable environment for the reproduction of a harmful parasite. What can contribute to their active reproduction? Among the most common factors: Poor quality cleaning;

Low level of hygienic cleanliness;

  • Non-compliance with household waste management regulations;
  • Lack of full personal hygiene;
  • availability of free access to food.

And this is not a complete list of reasons why dangerous pests can appear in the house or apartment. After all, the source of sanitary hazard may be the neighbors’ dwelling or the garbage cans located under the window. It is even more difficult to maintain the necessary level of hygienic cleanliness where the garbage chute is taken out directly into the kitchen or there is not a bathroom connected to the main sewerage system, but a cesspool.

The main danger posed by the active reproduction of flies is the spread of dangerous infectious diseases. Cholera and typhoid, dysentery and other types of intestinal infections – all of which can lead to serious consequences and even death. But in the list of diseases that involve winged parasites, there are viral forms of infections – hepatitis, polio, conjunctivitis. Treatment in this case can be long and very painful.

The enemy attacks: how to protect your home?

How to get rid of flying insects in the apartment, if the invasion has already begun? In fact, even if you don’t have time to take care of preventive measures, you can stop the expansion at any stage. It is enough to act in a systematic manner, paying special attention to the improvement of sanitation and hygiene in residential and recreational areas. And to ensure that pests are defeated as quickly as possible, the following home security measures can be implemented:

  • Prevention measures. Grids on windows and doors, regular sanitation, timely disposal of waste.
  • Public funds. All kinds of traps, adhesive tapes, and products with a pungent smell to scare away.
  • Chemical Preparations. Sprays, tablets, and liquids for repelling insects, chemical traps and biological protection means.
  • Call of experts. Professional insecticide treatment allows not only to find and neutralize places of laying of eggs, pupation and nesting of flies but also to provide total destruction of adults. Such measures are especially relevant if the cleaning is carried out in a dwelling with a pronounced unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological background. Specialists are also needed when cleaning is carried out in production, industrial and commercial premises. Household chemical agents are most often useless here.

When do we need to apply preventive measures?

So that you don’t have to hurry to find a recipe to save yourself from the flies, it’s worth taking care of preventive measures that can minimize the risks of these pests indoors. And first of all, as a safety measure, polymeric nets with small cells are used, which are installed on window and door openings, ventilation openings and vents. Such a mechanical barrier, if it does not scare away, will at least keep flies from visiting your home in mass numbers.

Replacing normal buckets and garbage cans with sealed polymer modules will also be a good preventive measure. Timely cleaning of waste sites and regular addition of chlorine lime to open-air waste sites in the form of pit latrines will also help to avoid the invasion of potential carriers of dangerous infections. It is also possible to stock up on fumigation products, insecticide lamps and other traps using modern insect control technologies in advance.

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