Best rat poison to solve the problem of these rodents

The main features of a topicida

Rodent poison is a very suitable solution in a number of situations. Both those who live in the city and in the countryside or suburbs, in fact, may find themselves, at home or in the garden, faced with a very worrying problem, namely the presence of mice.

In this case it is necessary to proceed immediately with solutions aimed at eliminating these small animals, which are very dangerous because they carry diseases.

If the problem is related to a condominium, a specific deratization intervention may be required. If, on the other hand, there are sporadic sightings in isolated houses, it is a good idea to get a good rat poison comparison.

When buying bait, it is also essential to read the instructions for use carefully and follow them carefully. The instructions also cover the method of positioning, the distance between two or more poisoned spots and, above all, the quantities to be used to be sure of complete deratization.

Types of ratticide

There are different types of poison on the market to choose from according to a number of situations. In fact, in addition to having different compositions, poisons for mice can also present themselves with different aspects.

Depending on the needs and situations, therefore, you can choose to buy poison for mice in sachets, liquid products or natural solutions.

If you choose to use rat poison, however, it is essential to remember that this product can be dangerous, especially when you have pets or children at home who may unconsciously come into contact with the poison.

However, it is necessary to underline that the products for domestic use, even if highly effective, being usually aimed at eliminating a mouse and not a colony, are much less concentrated than those used by the deratization companies. Therefore, they are certainly less dangerous than the latter.

It should be noted, however, that although these products are less dangerous, they are highly effective in the elimination of mice, in case of not excessive infestations.

Domestic poisons and poisons for professionals

The difference between rat poisons that can be purchased by everyone and those that, instead, can only be used by those working in the field of deratization is basically given by the composition.

In addition, the most common ratticide products can also be purchased in well-stocked supermarkets while, as far as topicides for professional use are concerned, these are only sold in specialized shops.

Not only: to be able to buy this type of rat poison it is necessary to have special licences, i.e. licences that attest the use of the poison by companies specialized in the field of deratization.

Two types of rat poison: acute and chronic

When you buy a rat poison you need to know a number of characteristics that are both related to its composition and effects. As far as the effects are concerned, rat poisons are divided into acute and chronic.

The choice of one type or another depends on a number of factors that can be both subjective and objective. To better understand how to make the choice of one type or the other it is necessary to know what the characteristics of these two types of poisons are.

Acute rat poisons

The acute poisons for mice and rats have a very high power, so much to have immediate effects on the mouse which, as soon as ingested the poison, dies. Most of these poisons are used by specialized firms and only in specific cases are sold for domestic purposes.

We can easily understand that the acute poisons are very dangerous, so much that the new regulations of the European Community have limited their utilization, forbidding some of them which have been classified as too much harmful because of their high toxicity.

If you choose to buy acute poisons it is essential to make sure that they are authorised by the European Community, i.e. that they have the CE symbol on the packaging.

However, do not think that these poisons, just because they are authorized, are not dangerous: in case of use, therefore, it is necessary to remember that they must be handled with extreme caution. Furthermore, to ensure maximum safety, they should never be used in apartments where there are children or pets.

Acute poisons are characterised by specific chemical formulations, i.e. they have compositions that characterise them as acute and lethal. One of the most widely used compositions for acute poisons is Alpha-naphtyl-thiourea, commonly known as Antu.

It is a fast-acting topicid, which causes the cause of the mouse in very few hours creating pulmonary edema.

Another highly lethal formulation is the one that involves the use of zinc phosphide: it is a powdered ratticide that does not contain antidotes and causes the rat to die within a few hours.

Among the poisons with rapid efficacy but which can be considered a little less bloody, i.e. which cause death without great suffering, there is Alfacloralose. It is a narcotizing molecule which generates hypothermia and, in a short time, causes the death of the rat.

Another poison of acute type foreseen by the European Community but not authorized in Italy is Sodium Monofluoroacetate: its use is therefore forbidden in Italy but not in other European countries. It is a product that leads to cardiac arrest but is not specific for mice, as it can also be used for other small pests.

Chronic poisons

The poisons for mice of chronic type, on the contrary, even if highly effective, operate in such a way as not to cause the immediate death of the animal. In fact, they are slow releasing: this means that when the rat ingests it, it does not die instantly but within one or even two days.

Unlike acute poisons, the chronic ones tend almost all to create some internal haemorrhages in the animal which, therefore, after some days is brought to death.

At the base of the chronic poisons there are substances such as bromaldion or brodifacoum. The former is a widely used ratticide due to its high power: moreover, it can be successfully used both indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the concentrations ingested, death of the type can occur within three or five days. This poison has a specific antidote, namely vitamin K1.

Brodifacoum is equally lethal and is one of the most widely used compositions in the production of various types of topicid bait. When a mouse swallows a brodifacoum-based bait, as a first effect it undergoes high dehydration which leads it to search for more water.

However, the increased amount of liquid accelerates the permeability of the blood vessels so that the blood is no longer contained within them and the mouse dies from internal bleeding.

One of the negative aspects of using chronic poisons is that poisoned rats, feeling the first sicknesses approaching, will tend to look for hidden places where they can take refuge.

This means that, especially when the problem of the rat’s presence occurs in an apartment, then they will have to go to the most hidden corners to look for the rat’s corpse.

Some poisons instead lead to dehydration: therefore the mouse, looking for water, will move away from the nest and may not be found.

A new generation of poisons: the sub-acute topicids

Acute poisons, as already pointed out, are very powerful but have, as main problem, high toxicity and danger in case of ingestion by domestic animals. Furthermore, the lack of highly effective antidotes has made these products less and less common, especially for private use.

However, those who do not want to give up the possibility of having a high level, safe and reliable topicide, can find today on the market a new type of rat poison, which is classified as sub-acute because it has a very high efficacy, leading the mouse to death within a few days and not within a few hours.

To ensure maximum success, however, it is necessary for the mouse to swallow a lethal dose of bait. In case of insufficient quantities, a very special case may occur.

Mice and rats, in fact, are very clever animals, and if they link their sickness to the bait eaten in minimal quantities, they will subsequently always stay away from that type of bait and the bait boxes. In this case, therefore, you will have to find other strategies for the elimination of the mouse.

How sub-acute poisons work

The operation of sub-acute baits differs from that of other types of poisons. Some of these, in fact, act creating alterations in the correct digestive function of mice.

This is the case of cholecalciferol, which increases the absorption of calcium inside the intestine generating a real calcification inside the mouse apparatus, in particular inside the arteries and kidneys. This type of poison leads to death within two days.

Another sub-acute poison is bromethalin, which leads to paralysis, blockage of breathing and convulsions. This type of poison is very powerful but has, as a negative point, that of not being specific for mice: in particular, in fact, it is very poisonous also for cats.

What to do in case of poisoning with rat bait

When using bait for mice, it is essential to take the utmost care, avoiding the use in the presence of children and, above all, always handle the bait with disposable gloves.

All the best rat poisons for domestic use contain, inside the package or on the box itself, all the indications and instructions necessary for a correct and safe use.

In addition to the use of gloves, the instructions also specify any symptoms that may occur in case of intoxication.

Mouse poisons, as highlighted, have different active ingredients so it is always essential to write down the name of the active ingredient in a clearly visible place so that you can have it at hand in case you need to inform the operators of the 118 or, in case of poisoning of animals, the veterinarian.

When calling for help, be it medical or veterinary, the operators will provide all the necessary information to be able to carry out first aid while waiting for the ambulance and, above all, they will specify all the actions that must be absolutely avoided.

How to take care of pets

One of the main negative aspects of the presence of rat poison in the house or garden is that they can be dangerous when you have pets.

In order to avoid that the elimination of rats also leads to intoxication of the family dog or cat, the new rat poison products are made with special formulations. They are combined with elements that are unpleasant to the sense of smell of pets, i.e. mainly dogs and cats.

In this way, even if they get close to the poison, they will not be tempted to taste it but, vice versa, they will consider it as something unattractive and interesting.

If you have pets in your home, therefore, it is essential to check that when you make your choice, it is indicated on the packaging that it is a harmless rat poison for dogs and cats.

Today, most of the topicid products for domestic use are made with the maximum safety of both users and pets in mind.

For this reason, almost always baits are treated with these products which are unpleasant to smell to both dogs and cats but which, on the other hand, are highly appreciated by mice and rats who will therefore be more attracted to bait.

Buy rat poison

If you are just starting out with the presence of mice in your home, the choice of the right poison can be complex. Before proceeding with the purchase, in fact, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the type of poison you want to use, i.e. whether one is acute or chronic.

If the purchase is made in a physical store, i.e. a well-stocked supermarket or a store specializing in pest control products, you can request all the information about the use of the products from the store staff.

When you choose to purchase online, then it is essential to pay attention to all the comments and reviews that are released on e-commerce or specific blogs.

Reading and evaluating those who have already used a specific product, in fact, allows you to understand if that type of poison may or may not be suitable for your needs.

In addition, you will be able to better understand how to use it, avoiding common errors in the use of these products and thus having the guarantee of obtaining safe results in the elimination of rats.

Specifically, you will need to evaluate the composition and method of use, i.e. whether the baits can be used indoors or outdoors. As far as the composition is concerned, this will make it possible to understand whether it is an acute or chronic poison.

Natural and homemade products

In some cases it can happen that you may not feel safe using synthetic rat poison, especially when it is to be used at home. In these situations you can therefore opt for home made solutions, creating a natural but no less effective topicide.

A very simple solution is plaster poison. It is a topicide that guarantees maximum safety in case of presence of other animals in the house.

The chalk poison is made by creating morsels that are tempting for the mouse but at the same time lethal. In fact, you will have to make balls, real candies for mice, mixing chalk powder with milk: the latter, in fact, attracts mice that will tend to eat the balls remaining poisoned.

However, it must be stressed that even though this type of poison is just as lethal as the most commonly used chemicals, the presence of milk alone is not always enough to make the balls palatable. Therefore, this type of poison is not always effective.

When you have to buy a topicid product, be it a liquid rat poison, a powder composition or traps, you have to remember that the products on the market are constantly evolving.

If, in fact, some poisons can be considered as real products of choice, many production companies regularly release new products, especially aiming at natural solutions, increasingly requested by those who use ratticides at home.

Below are some of the best products on the market today: these are exclusively topicides for domestic use, i.e. not professional, which can be easily purchased in store or online.

This last solution will allow to have a greater economic saving and also the possibility to better evaluate the product by reading the different reviews and comments that usually accompany the technical data sheet on e-commerce.

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