5 tips to keep rats and mice away

The cold and the availability of leftovers push rats and mice to find warm places and food resources towards your home.

Cellars, garages, attics, poorly maintained gardens and warehouses are the preferred environments. Rodents proliferate away from prying eyes and then move to apartments in search of food.

It’s a moment to find mice in the house: here are 5 practical tips to keep mice and rats away from home and work environments:

Rats and mice pose a health risk to people and can:

  1. Create damage to electrical installations in buildings.
  2. Ruin the furniture in your apartment.
  3. Eat your food.
  4. Contaminate with dangerous viruses the environments in which you live, with your family, or work.

The sight of mice and rats causes disgust and fear, but it’s only the beginning. These rodents are famous, unfortunately, for transmitting diseases dangerous to humans: salmonella, typhus, cholera, just to name a few.

We know, it is embarrassing to find out that one’s home or business has been infested with rodents. Anxiety is fuelled by suspicious noises, signs of them passing through, like the excrement they leave in the house. Scratches on the walls, cardboard and gnawed furniture are the signs that it is time to act with a deratization intervention.

You can limit the proliferation of rats and mice by following some practical tips.

Keep mice and rats away

Mice and rats are cunning and malicious, catching them is not easy. They know how to hide well and prevention is the best way to keep your ambinets healthy. To avoid infestation of mice and rats, follow these 5 tips:

#1 Cleanliness and order first

If you maintain a high standard of hygiene in the premises you reduce the risk of rodents. If food, materials and rubbish are in oridne and well-preserved, it will be easy to detect any pests.

#2 Protect food with sealable containers

Whether it’s the food in your home pantry or products you market in your warehouse, keep your order and seal the packaging. Avoid rats being attracted to them and if they are nearby you can spot them right away.

#3 Keep materials away from walls

Mice and rats are agile and snappy, as well as being good climbers. They prefer to move along the walls, which is why they leave some space between the materials they store in warehouses, cellars or garages. You’ll immediately notice if there are any traces of mice or rats and spot them more easily.

#4 Remove abandoned and useless objects

The untilled grass outside basements and garages, or in your garden. Stacked wood, abandoned debris – these are conditions that favour an environment suitable for rats and mice. They will move undisturbed and you won’t notice them until it’s too late. Cutting tree branches that get too close to your house is a great way to keep rats and mice away. Prevent easy access.

#5 Check for cracks in walls or uneven windows and doors

Seal any cracks or crevices, because rats and rats can ignite inside and burst into your apartment. Use sealing materials, cement or steel wool. Keep rats and mice away as long as you follow these precautions.

Find out more about harassing rodents that could infest your home or invade your business: rats and mice differences.

Keeping rats and mice away: in conclusion

Rats and mice are dangerous rodents because they can introduce bacteria and pests into your environment. If they have managed to get into your living space, your living space is contaminated and you will need deratization and sanitization surgery.

Whether you need an intervention at home or in corporate environments, you can stop worrying: we’re here now.

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