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Zenmuse X7


Zenmuse X7 Updated!

Photo-geeks, take a look! Zenmuse X7 camera has got an exclusive update. From the renowned world of creative camera technology, DJI has launched an update for its camera. Now it can support the new ProRes RAW standard from Apple as well.

Zenmuse X7

Update Changes

This update feature will increase the power as well as the efficiency of the Zenmuse X7. With this, it will gain the title in the professional filmmaking: the world’s first Super35 digital camera for aerial cinematography.
Not only this, The Zenmuse X7 also gains performance enhancements that deliver improved workflows & an overall image quality.

How to Update

In order to start the process, this feature can be enabled through a firmware update.
The very first firmware update offers 14-bit CinemaDNG recording and will be available in late April 2018. A second firmware update will be available in late May 2018. It offers Apple ProRes RAW support and the newly added exFAT file system. Best part- both the updates are free to download through DJI Assistant 2 or the DJI Go 4 mobile app. But, the 14-bit CinemaDNG and ProRes RAW capabilities are only available to those with a CinemaDNG license.

Check here for update available.