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Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience


1 month with Android Go app and Youtube Go is the one that stand out.

The Android Go Initiative

When Sundar Pichai, Google current new CEO come on stage, he envisioned a beautiful future for Android, to empowered those who needed the most, low-end smartphone. Thus, a series were put into work, and we witness the creation the phenomenal Android Go project.

Android Go is aim to bring the full Google experience which previously only possible on powerful smartphone and data friendly environment, to entry-level smartphones and environment where’s data is limited.

Android Go Apps

The Android Go consist a series of apps, all have been re-enginered for entry-level smartphones environment.

Google Go is a lighter version of Google app, but with search results optimized to save up to 40% data.

Google Assistant is an highly powerful app, the Go eddition made it possible to use voice commend even on entry-range smart phone.

Light weight variant of YouTube App. Bring a full Go is your everyday companion, even when you have limited data or a slow connection.

Google Maps Go is the lightweight Progressive Web App variation of the original Google Maps app.

Just like Gmail, but lighter.

Storage manager that sync to your google drive to help you save space.

Youtube Go

In this article, we’re specifically looking at the Slim down version of Youtube. At first glance, it looks vasely different then the orginal version, more or less like badly designed Youtube knockoff. But under this retro UI, lies features that features that most will appreciate.

Why we like it

Works the Same

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

As flat as the UI look, Youtube Go works the same. user still able to play your favorite videos in the resolution you like, searching video works the same. The basic functions of Youtube is all there.

Power to Choose

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

One thing unique about Youtube Go is that when you selection a video to view, user were given the option to choose what resolution you want to watch at and even show user how much data will be used for each resolution.

Keep your Video

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

As a method of saving mobile data, Youtube Go allows user to pre-download the video before watch. With this, in case of if user are travel into none data friendly territory, they can first download videos they want to watch during the journal at home.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

As a complimentary on the download video function, user can also send or received downloaded video from other Youtube Go user.


Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

Yes, No ADS. We have strongly mix feeling about this, as we know Youtube Ads can be very pastering some time, it is also serve as the income for awesome Youtubers. Thus, knowing that they warn’t paid for their hardwork gave us mix feeling about this.

What we don’t like

No Live Stream

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

Content creator beware, Youtube Go serves the main function of Youtube, play video. If user need live stream function, user have to rely on the full fledged Youtube app.

No default Resolution

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

You were are given the choice to select with resolution you would like to watch the video at, every single time. We hope there’s an option to allow us to choose an default resolution we would like to play at, and only change it when we desire to.

No notification subscripted Channel

Youtube Go, an oddly satisfying experience

Yes viewer beware, user won’t get any notification on subscripted Channel. In general, unlike the full fledged Youtube that updates on any activities of subscripted channel, you wont get any notification at all.



That’s our take on Youtube Go. To us we’re sticking to Youtube Go, is an nifty app that did what it should. For user that only used Youtube for viewing video, give Youtube Go a try, everyone can benefit from a little more batteries.