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Gentlemen’s Guide to Micro Business – WisePay, DIY Bill Solution Shop


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. While many want to be successful, only those who are willing to grind and sweat can be successful. Some might ask, where do we start? The answers might lies somewhere small. Gentlementech will today introduce an easy way for you to start a bill payment solution business.


This simple looking website, is an online bill payment solution portal. It allows you to provide bill payment service to others, without registering with multiple parties. In return, you will be given certain percentage as commission.

WisePay Home Page as unpleasing as it is, are a hidden gem.

2Payout Rates

Before we even start a business, we need to know is it worth your time doing it? There’s no point starting something blindly, resulting in wasted time and effort

Below is the commission scheme by WisePay:

Top Up:

Bill Payment:

It might not appear that much is made from a transaction because this is a volume game! Let’s look at an estimated monthly household bill:


RM8.80 as an initial payback isn’t much. The game is in the volume, which is common and crucial in retail business. Let’s say that you’re able to get 5, 10 or 20 families to participate in your services? We will discuss on this prospect in later chapter.

3What you need?

Dear sir/ madam, if you’re still here, you have my respect. It means that you understand the needs of pounding the pavement.

Now let’s see what we need to get this started:

  1. A smart phone or pc with internet connection.
  2. A working bank account.
  3. A patient mindset.

That’s all you need gentlemen. As you can see, the requirements of starting this business is minimum. The likelihood of you having all these in place is most definitely.

4Sowing the Seed

The general idea of how WisePay works is quite simple. First, you register as a user at wisepay.com.my. During the registration, WisePay will drop a verification text.

Once that’s done, you would need to put a certain amount of money into your account. This can be done using bank transfer, JomPay, or credit card. The latter two are not recommended due to incurred additional service charges. However the transferred amount will be made available immediately; whereby bank transfer require further verification process.

To use the bill payment or top up services, simply navigate the option at the right hand side of the menu. Select what service to use, and choose the desired amount. Beware that there is no TAC verification process here, so do be extra careful to the amount paid and the receiver’s number.You can chose to have a email informing yourself once the payment has been made. You can also later review the transaction at the “Transaction Report” tab.

5Fertilizing the soil

Operations aside, lets get down to the sales. Here we will explore how one can expand one’s clientele based.

A person would typically have access to about 5 households in his/her social circle. With 5 families, you can easily secure a payout of RM44.00. With a bit more effort, one could easily reach a payout of RM50 servicing people around themselves.

If you’re staying in a high density area like an apartment or a condominium. Do put effort into networking and reaching out to neighbors. Then your client pool can reach 10 to 20 persons or more.

Also consider giving out flyers or posters. Soon enough, you’ll be reaching 40+ households per month.

6Reaping the Harvest

Increasing your client pool to 20 households, could easily earn a payout of approximately RM350 on a monthly basis.

At the end of the day, you may withdraw the money (minimum withdrawal amount is RM50) from your account and enjoy your harvest.

7Whose game?

As much as we like to venture into businesses, there’s always the question of commitment. GentlemenTech sees WisePay as an opportunity that requires low expertise, short setup time, minimal attention with rather low return rates. We suggest to take up this opportunity as a secondary business rather than see it as a primary source of income.

So who are suitable to take up WisePay?

  • Uber, Grab, Taxi, or any occupation with similar nature.
  • Student at any level.
  • Housewife.

8Signing off

There you have it, a platform that allows people to do bill payments with minimal complications. Of course, if you’re a cost savvy consumer, aiming to save every single cent, this is also a good place to start.

We strongly suggest to those who are interested in WisePay to read up more on their website as we are not able to show all of their services in this article.Eg. Redemption scheme for handphone purchases, B2B platform integration and etc…

With that being said, serving as a WisePay service provider could lead to a brand new chapter of life. May God bless your efforts in any business venture.