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Gentlementech’s guide to Audio – Hands-on with Sony WH-1000XM2


We’re invited to Sony Sound Tasting Gathering, organized by Sony Malaysia & T3 Magazine. The event aims to provide fans and user some time to experience the Sony newly launch 1000x series audio devices, WH-1000XM2, WI -1000X and other are available for testing.WH-1000XM2


Audio Performance


During our short hands-on with the Signature Noise Canceling WH-1000XM2, we were treated thoroughly with ear candies. The Headphone is one particular bass-centric headphone, the bass is well layered and punchy. At its largest volume, the bass does overpower other frequencies but generally is during mid-high volume the frequencies are balanced out equally.

Noise Canceling

Amazing! Being a person that has issues being in the noisy environment this headphone is God Blessed tools. The noise cancelling muffled background noise effectively, and with a handy “Hold to Pause Noise Canceling” prove to be an effective and convenience function.



The headphone is a moderately comfortable one, the clamping force is just right, ear cup wrapped with leather and the sponge does hug our ears. During the half hour testing our ear does slightly heat up, but it wasn’t to the level that we sweat.


Generally, we have have a very pleasant experience testing out the headphone! The Sony WH-1000XM2 is definitely a headphone that everyone should experience.

Thanks so much Sony and T3 Magazine to organized the event and invite us!