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Royal, Happiness, Love = Oppo F5 Dashing Blue


Oppo spicing Valentines up with the Oppo F5 Dashing Blue Edition

Oppo F5 Dashing Blue Edition

oppo f5 dashing blue

With Valentines Day around the corner, Oppo introduce the renowned F5 with a new colour – Oppo F5 Dashing Blue Edition! Instead of going for the common red color which is associated with romance and love. Oppo goes with a Dashing Blue, symbolizes loyalty, happiness, faith and unwavering love.

oppo f5 dashing blue

oppo f5 dashing blue

When it comes to fashion, blue signifies sophistication and nobility, which is why the F5 Dashing Blue is an inspired and trending colour that stands out in the crowd. So if you are looking for the right gift to proclaim your solid love and affection in style, F5 Dashing Blue is definitely an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

oppo f5 dashing blue

Perfectly capturing the light with an eye-catching effect on the rear of the body, the F5 Dashing Blue is finished with a glossy blue effect. Above which streaks of light appear gleaming and flashing when held to the light.

The Oppo F5 Dashing Blue is priced at RM 1,298.00 and available for pre-order now until 10/2/2018! Get yours here today!

Oppo also have another Oppo F5 special edition, the Oppo F5 with 6G ram and Swarovski casing. Check out our coverage here.

“Listen to Your Heart”, 倾听你的声音 microfilm

oppo f5 dashing blue Listen to Your Heart

To spice up the romantic season and celebrate the new arrival of the F5 Dashing Blue Edition, this striking new color continues the success of the F5 series. OPPO’s first full-screen model featuring groundbreaking A.I. Beauty Recognition technology designed to personalize beautification.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bmoxHoaNbso” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Together with the phone, Oppo unveils the F5 Dashing Blue Microfilm that is leaded by Taiwanese Singer, Eric Chou and famous local artist, Min Chen, the OPPO F5 Selfie Icons. The microfilm named “Listen to Your Heart” (倾听你的声音)  was specially produced by OPPO Malaysia designed to exude romance.

The microfilm is a romantic love story of how the magic and passion of the F5 Dashing Blue Edition brings Eric Chou and Min Chen together. Taiwanese Singer, Eric Chou plays the role of Ah Zhe (阿哲) who acquires mind-reading ability through the OPPO F5 Dashing Blue. Whereas Min Chen (小贞) is a kind-hearted and filial, yet stubborn granddaughter. Fate brings them together through chance encounters.

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