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Online shopping tips for this Chinese New Year – Tips from Kaspersky


Getting your last minute shopping done for this Chinese New Year? Leave no room for ang pows for cybercriminals this festive season and shop safely with these tips from Kaspersky Lab!

  1. Avoid Public WIFI

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Enjoy that cup of Frappuccino Latte and shopping online in your coffee shop? The criminals love you doing that too! It is easy to sniff your credentials om unsecured wireless networks when you shop using public WIFI without using specialised hardware!

  1. Only shop in sites authenticated by bank or payment system

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Like that beautiful Cheong Sam that you found online? They only have direct fund transfer for transactions? Stop! Do a Facebook search on these shops before you pay, make sure they are recognised by others. To make things simple, shop only in websites that have been authenticated by bank or payment systems such as Lazada or 11 Street.

  1. Shop only with HTTPS, skip HTTP

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Customer information in HTTPS prefix sites are always encrypted. This means, even if your information is leaked it needs to be decrypted before it is usable, making it significantly safer compared with HTTP prefix sites.

  1. Use that virtual keyboards

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Can’t wait to enter your credentials to make that purchase? Use a virtual keyboard to ensure your password is safe and not tracked by keyloggers.

  1. Be aware of phishing links

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An African prince wants to give you that extra ang pow? Be smart! Don’t click that unexpected link! Beware of phishing links! Or else you might really have given an ang pow to that African Prince instead.

  1. Strong passwords, strong ONG

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Combine letters, numbers and special characters to make them harder to crack. And put it to the test with Kaspersky’s password checker here! Having hard time remembering complicated password? Use Last Pass! The one stop password manager!

  1. Turn off Bluetooth, connect via cellular

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Snooping Bluetooth is easier than you know! Switch it off when you’re not using it, make your smartphone more secure, and saves some battery while you’re at it!

These shopping tips are brought to you by Kaspersky ‘s General Manager for Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia, Sylvia Ng. She further explained that the brand understands festive season shopping is a priority for consumers but reminds that it is also a prime opportunity for cyber criminals. “Get your shopping done safely. Sipping on an espresso at a local coffee house and doing your Internet shopping does seems convenient. However, you open yourself up to criminal activity by doing so. Public Wi-Fi networks are often less secure than private ones, and you risk the possibility of logging onto a phantom network instead of the real one, opening you up to potential identity theft”.

We thank Kaspersky Lab for sharing these tips with us all and wishes you a safe and prosperous Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!