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Multi Devices Dilemma -Input


Multi Devices Dilemma

This is a typical setup of the Gentlementech’s work station, 3 device from different screens and different Os. There’s many reason to use multiple systems is a single work station, beginning from programming work, app development, graphic designing for multiple platform, and many other form of works.

In this article, Gentlementech explore the idea of moving between platforms, and how to effectively input in between devices.


The different inputs method

As working with multiple platform help boost productivity if not an essential on some field, moving in between platforms is a very tedious process. Using different keyboards in between device require the user to change their type pattern drastically in very short period of time.

Keyboard with different key layout and placement offer very unique experience by them self and to move in between them hastily would result to some misalignment or error in typing. Worst is the idea of moving from type input to touch input, which is required is you’re moving from a desktop environment to smart phone or tablet.