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Market Watch – Jammed hinge in Lenovo’s Ideapad IP700


Market Watch Introduction

Market watch is a series of the articles specifically dedicated to products that users report to have issues with, and we courageously dive in to investigate .

The Lenovo Ideapad IP700 Overview

In 2015, an 15 inch laptop with Intel i7 6700HQ, GTX 950, and a NVME 128GB main drive priced at mere RM3300 price range was a pretty good deal. So back when we’re in market for a laptop, we didn’t think twice with this model. The laptop served us well at first, with powerful hardware and big screen size, it basically mowed down our production time easily.

The jammed hinge

Beginning from 2016, we begun to have issues with the hinge. The hinge gave up, refuse to rotate when flipped open , and snapping the laptop’s monitor’s casing in process.

The lenovo IDEAPAD IP700 have a failed design at its hinge
Here you can see the hinge have gave up and refuse to rotate. When we try to flip open the laptop, without warning the laptop casing break.
The sign of wear can tear is visible on the support of the hinge. It does not seem to be able to withstand the jammed hinge.
Here’s viewing this jammed hinge at another angle.

The frequencies of the jammed hinge

When this happen the first time, we initially thought it was just bad luck, we agreed that shit like this does happen and can be fix-, a non-issues. However when it happened a second time to people in our circle of friends who had the same model and unit of laptop , we know it is not a coincidence but a design failure.

Laptop A


15 May 2017

22 August 2017

Laptop B

27 July 2017

The solution, for now..

For every time that this happen, Lenovo has been kind enough to honor the warranty. But when asked about if there is any permanent solution with the service center, none seem to be offered.

We are left in the dark in this matter, we tried email to Lenovo but received no replies. Upset, we repeatedly asked to meet with Lenovo’s contact personal at the service center but gain no response.

So if there’s any of you caring the same model of laptop, beware of the jammed hinge issues. If some how you have solved the said matter, do lets us know .