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Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox, bring affordable sandboxing to the scene!


A new threat is smashing the Tech. World. Say Hello to the ‘Cybercriminals’. These lawbreakers basically exploit the loopholes present in the system and manipulate it to their own advantage. Unfortunately, these hackers are technologically very much advanced and intelligent.

But that’s not even the worst part. The increasing number of their population along with the advancement of their tricks and techniques are posing a threat to the world. That’s the reason why Cybersecurity team has come to a red alert.

These hackers so good that even an experienced cyber security team has to be 100% sure multiple times till they have spotted all the malware using advanced integrated algorithms. But the sad part is- Cybercriminals enter and extract data anyway!

Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox

This is where Kaspersky Lab comes into the picture! In order to help companies improve their investigation and response to these threats, Kaspersky Lab has launched a new service called Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox. Because of its in-the-cloud nature, the service gives businesses the opportunity to take advantage of sandboxes without any additional investments in hardware infrastructure.

Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox

The main reason of its launch is to boost the efficiency of incident response and cyber security forensics without any risks to the IT Company’s systems. Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox applies the user’s various emulation techniques, such as Windows button clicking, document scrolling, special routine processes giving malware an opportunity to expose itself, the randomization of user environment parameters and many others.

Logging system: nothing gets missed in the noise

Once a piece of malware starts running its destructive activities, another innovative Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox technology comes to force: its logging subsystem intercepts malicious actions non-invasively. When a Word document starts to behave suspiciously – for example, if it starts building a string in the machine memory, executing Shell commands, or dropping its payloads (all abnormal activities for a text document) – these events are registered in the Kaspersky Cloud Security logging subsystem. It has extensive functionality able to detect a vast spectrum of malicious events including DLLs, registry key registration and modification, HTTP and DNS requests, file creation, deletion and modification etc. The customer is then provided with a full report containing data visualization graphs and screenshots, as well as a readable sandbox log.

Detection and incident response performance: second to none

Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox detection performance is backed up with big data of real-time threat intelligence from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), providing customers with immediate status on both known and new threats discovered in the wild. Advanced behavioral analysis based on more than 20 years of Kaspersky Lab threat research experience of fighting the most complex threats, allows customers to detect previously unseen malicious objects.