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iGo App, Go Cashless during Event!


Singapore-based Ticketing / eWallet Cashless Solution iGo has announced the rollout of event QR-to-QR payments alongside their RFID (wristband/cards) solutions.

iGo App, Go Cashless during Event!

This solution allows customer to go cashless during a partnered event, which is much safer and a secured solution compared to carrying cash to a crowded area. To use this app, simply download the from either iOs or Player store, set up credits and spend away! Even in the situation that you can’t finish the credits within, the apps allows the credits to be used in other partner events.

iGo App, Go Cashless during Event!

The main functions available for iGo application is:

  • Events & Venue Listings
  • e-Ticketing (web & mobile app)
  • Mobile eWallet for F&B purchases
  • Newsfeeds

“… iGo provides an end-to-end solution as the app starts in the ticketing process by acquiring the customer as a new user, servicing them in event or venues, and letting them carry unused balances forward post-event in the iGo eWallet platform. Therefore, organizers are able to engage and build a long-term relationship along the consumer journey by offering them additional ‘experiences’ with brands, discounts, loyalty, F&B outlets, services and much more…” SDP Asia, Managing Director, James Kane Kane adds.

Download the application free today at the link below!

For more information, please visit iGo’s website here!