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Press Release – ICP DAS Automation Workshop in Malaysia


Taiwan Industrial Automation specialised components company, ICP DAS, has conducted a workshop for the public on the topics of Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Building System, and an introduction of the In-house IoT and Cloud Data management software IoTstarT.  The workshop is conducted by ICP DAS own group of field engineer Hayward Huang, Danny Jian, and Andrew Wu at Sunway CLIO Hotel.


1. Smart Manufacturing


ICP DAS field engineer discussed of the implementation of automation in manufacturing plan will help organise manufacturing process, but also improved productivities and efficiency. With ICP DAS’s 3-Color Light Monitoring system, what user can expect is the efficient automized monitoring process, where all signal is automized.

The system’s deployment is also very straight forward due to the capability of both wired and wireless configuration. And finally, the monitoring process can take place with simple deployment of controller and sensor on site, and monitor centre with InduSoft in the control centre.

ICP DAS field engineer Hayward Huang explains about smart manufacturing