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Honor Revolutionary GPU Turbo Boosts Mobile Speed


Ground-breaking hardware-software integration and graphics processing acceleration technology optimizes the mobile gaming experience

Honor Revolutionary GPU Turbo Boosts Mobile Speed
Mr. George Zhao, President of Honor, delivering a speech at the GPU Turbo Launch event in Beijing

Honor announced GPU Turbo, a revolutionary graphics processing acceleration technology. With hardware-software integration, GPU Turbo dramatically increases graphics processing efficiency of mobile phones, providing global users with a smoother and faster mobile experience.

Honor Revolutionary GPU Turbo Boosts Mobile Speed

“We’re thrilled to achieve this technology breakthrough as Honor has been strived to provide the best user experience to our global customers.” said George Zhao, President of Honor. “With this GPU Turbo, we are confident that we can highly improve our market advantages by significantly enhancing our graphics processing efficiency and offering the impeccable mobile experience.”

GPU Turbo is a hardware-software integrated graphics processing acceleration technology. It reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the lower layer system, greatly improving the user experience. After the exploration and accumulation in the field of graphic processing, Huawei and Honor have achieved a key technological breakthrough of improving graphics processing efficiency by 60% while reducing the SoC (System on Chip) energy consumption by 30%, exceeding the limits of the balance between smartphone performance and energy consumption.

Honor Revolutionary GPU Turbo Boosts Mobile Speed
Mr. George Zhao, President of Honor furter explained GPU Turbo

GPU Turbo will benefit mobile games that demand high graphics processing efficiency, enhancing the speed and optimizing users’ gaming experience dramatically. GPU Turbo will become the core capability of Honor smartphones, resulting in an excellent integration between smartphone hardware and EMUI software, as well as a smoother top layer graphics application. In addition, GPU Turbo can support AR and VR in the future and can be applied in the sectors including virtual teaching, online shopping and telemedicine to create the best visual experience for users.

GPU Turbo will be firstly introduced to Honor Play, launched in Beijing. It will be gradually applied in other popular Honor smartphones, such as the Honor 10, Honor View10, Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7X. The technology will also be opened to worldwide Honor users.