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Guide to make your own Xtra PC USB in 3 simple step


Xtra-PC claimed to revitalize old pc, as it does what it claim, many disagree with the price point. We created a guide to help you create your own Xtra PC USB flash drive. We understand that if you need Xtra PC, you’re probably need the money too.

This guide is inspired by Heyisharry. Harry made a video which made us aware of Xtra-PC. Thanks Harry!

What is Xtra PC

Xtra-PC is a miracle device that claim by its maker Prairie IT to “make your PC into a blazing fast, high performance PC”. Is that really the case? In some degree yes. Multiple sources online states that Xtra-PC is basically a LUBUNTU OS mounted on a USB flash drive.

Wait, isn’t LUBUNTU free?

Yes, very much so. Referring to LUBUNTU’s official website here, you will not find any option for payment due to LUBUNTU is an Open Source software. That means its development are relying on community support, and you can enjoy the software without having pay for it.

What is LUBUNTU?

Lubuntu is a lightweight Unix based operating system. It comes with a clean and easy-to-use user interface. Due to it uses the minimal desktop LXDE, and a selection of light applications, Lubuntu has very low hardware requirements.

The currently version of Lubuntu, 17.10, have a very low hardward requirement: 512 MB of RAM (with 1 GB recommended) and at least a Pentium 4, Pentium M or AMD K8 processor.

For full feature of LUBUNTU, check the link here.

Is Xtra-PC cheating?

Technically no. What you’re paying for is having Prairie IT to “install” the OS on an USB flash drive and sending it to you. Just as you pay a car mechanic to change your car’s engine oil, you’re paying for his expertise on this matter. But in the case of Xtra-PC, is the amount you’re paying is justifiable? That is highly subjective and but many disagree, including us.

Is it hard?

No, no longer. Long time ago, Unix based OS, which is what LUBUNTU based on require a good level of technical knowledge to install and operate.

But since then, Unix based OS have undergo many upgrade and refresh that it just as user friendly as any modern OS out there. Installation is just as simple as following instruction without the need of extensive technical knowledge.

Enough talk, show us how!

As the title suggest, making your own Xtra-PC is a simple 3-steps process as below:

1.  Download LUBUNTU.

Go to Lubuntu’s official download page here and download LUBUNTU. Depending on your CPU, choice the version suitable for it. Most mordern PC support 64 Bit, but if you’re not sure, you can just use the 32-Bit. Don’t worry, if you’re using it on an old pc, you wont miss out much using the 32-Bit.

2. Download and install RUFUS

What’s this? Rufus is basically a software to mount or “install” LUBUNTU to an USB thumb drive. Is simple and user-friendly. Once you’re done download, move to next step.

3. Mount LUBUNTU on USB Flash Drive

Here’s the most complicating part. Start installing LUBUNTU on your USB flash drive by Launching Rufus, plug an empty USB flash drive to your PC, select the flash drive in Rufus, select the download LUBUNTU file with the disk icon and press start.

That’s it?

Yes, is as simple as that. Now, simply plug in the Lubuntu mounted USB Flash Drive to your pc, set your pc to boot from USB in bios, and you just save your self bunch of money!

The Unix Experience is slightly different for those who come from Microsoft Window, but those who are from Mac should feel at home. But don’t get discourage, the Ubuntu community is among the strongest out there, so if you have any problem, Google em as someone probably asked it before, or you may reach Lubuntu’s support page here.