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The Elephone S8, Best sub-RM900 phone we know


Elephone S8




The Elephone S8 (Not to be confused with the Samsung S8), leaves a strong impression with it’s outstanding specs. With a 6inch 2K display, Deca-core Helio X25 CPU, and 4GB of RAM all at the cost of RM900 or less! What’s not to love?

In my opinion, there’s 3 types of China smartphone brands. Firstly, are those that established themselves globally like Xiaomi, Huawei, or Asus. Secondly, there are those names so odd-sounding that you’ll avoid them entirely. Last,but not least, are the hidden Gems in the market. The Elephone S8 stands somewhere in between the second and the last. While the brand name does not spark confident, but the phone that pack really beefy hardware, especially for a phone that cost less than 900 ringgit.


The best feature of the Elephone S8 is the gorgeous 6-inch 2K display with corning Gorilla 4 glass. From what we can tell, this is definitely an IPS penal, the colour accuracy is spot on and viewing angles is amazing.


The display covers almost 92.5% of the phone, which is the best we saw so far. We strongly believe that the Elephone S8 is one of the best choices compared to any other bezel-less smartphones, even to the famous Mi Mix 2.

Other other phones that also have 2K resolution such as the Samsung S8, Note 8, Honor 8 Pro and LG G5 . Can easily double the price of the Elephone S8, which significantly boosts the value of this phone.

Due to the of the phone’s big screen, the front camera is placed at the lower part of the phone next to the multi-functional button. The multi-functional button acts as a fingerprint sensor and navigation button. Personally, I’m never a fan of a single button setup on a phone but seeing how little space is available, i’m glad that Elephone did not decide to cramp all buttons down there.


The phone is encased within a metal ring, with two antenna bands on top and two below. Both the volume rocker and the lock button is places on the left  and are made by the same material as the metal ring. The lock button has dimpled texture to give that extra extra finishing touch to it.


The one part of the phone we find most dissatisfied with is the glass back panel. The penal adsorb so many smudge is literally a fingerprints magnet. I would much prefer it to be a textured panel for to lessen the fingerprint smudge disaster and get some extra grip since the phone is so big. However, the Elephone does provide a free TPU casing, so that does solve the griping issue.


Its 2018, we want USB-C! Thankfully, the Elephone S8 opted for an USB-C port instead of a micro-usb. We’re also delighted to see plastic finishing around the port, allowing gentler entry of the jack. Usually such design present more in flagship products i.e. the Asus Zenfone 4.


Unlike the common trend among the China phones the Elephone S8 used a single-camera setup instead of a dual-camera setup. We’re quite pleased with this design, since many of the dual-camera setups in cheaper smartphone’s quality are a far cry comparing to mainstream dual-camera setups.


Using the same Sony Exmor IMX 220 as the 2014 flagship Sony Xperia Z3, this sensor packs a 20.8M effective pixel and a rather small aperture ring at f 2.0. The camera is also capable to shoot in raw format and surprisingly delivers 4K video resolution too.


We’re not gonna complain about the image quality, is decent and sharp especially coming from a china based phone. Enjoy some of the same image i took and be the judge.


The Elephone S8 is powered by a MediaTek deca-core (10 Core) Helio x25 CPU. It comes with 4 power efficient Cortex-A53 core clocking at 1.55 GHz;4 performance balanced Cortex-A53 core clocked at 2 GHz, and 2 high-performance core Cortex-A72 at 2.5 GHz.


The GPU is an ARM Mali-T880 MP4 performing at 850MHz, the same series used in the Samsung S7. Since the GPU is used in a signature flagship phone, expect a solid performance. The Mali-T880 in the Elephone S8 used is the MP4 version, which means it only carries 4 clusters, whereas the Samsung S7’s carries 12 clusters. None the less, the gaming performance is as fluid as a running stream.

The Helio X25 perform well in benchmark tests, and it is one of the most impressive processors we tested. One thing we notice is that the phone heats up substantially during tests, the heat build up and is not a pleasant experience. Check out our benchmark below to get a better idea of how well does this would actually perform:


The phone OS is based on Android 7.1.1. Elephone had taken a minimal approach towards optimizing the OS. You will not see any bloatware except one app that used to report bugs. We enjoy this vanilla experience with the Elephone S8, less bloatware = always better.

With such a powerful processor under the hood, the Elephone S8 gave us a very “snappy” feel while using it. Users won’t feel any sluggishness while using the phone on daily tasks but also on gaming. What also we notice is that the missing transition in UI, it is likely that Elephone had removed it to give that speedy feeling.

Another thing we’ll like to point out is that the Elephone S8 does support VoLTE (Voice Over 4G). As my Telco Umobile stated in their website they only support a handfull of Android devices. It has come as a surprise is that VoLTE is enabled on the Elephone S8 out of the box and it sounds amazing!


Come with a 4000 mAh battery capacity, we do have to point out that with such a powerful processor and high resolution display, you’re likely burn through the battery in a matters of hours. We wont be so concern about this due to the Elephone S8 support PE+ (2.5A/1.67A) quick charge and the wide availability of powerbank.



With all these amazing features is the Elephone S8 have no major flows? Unfortunately the speaker is a general let down. While the volume can very loud, the sound is accompanied by crackling and static noise, lowering the sound quality significantly.

Another thing we would like to point out is that the Elephone S8 does not come with a headphone jack. But it does make up for it with a USB c to 3.5 jack adaptor, so you still may enjoy using your headphone and amp.


Cost less than RM900 and packing so much great features, is hard to pay attentions to any drawbacks on the Elephone S8. Comes high power SOC, 2K display, and 4GB RAM under the hood you will have a hard time looking for anything better, and not regretting getting this phone.

Get your own Elephone S8 now in this link at the low price of RM890 (USD229)!


  • Highly affordable and value for money
  • 2K 6inch display
  • Powerful Helio X25 SOC
  • Flagship level camera


  • Short battery life
  • Mediocre speaker quality