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Gentleman’s Guide to Affordable PC Audio – Edifier R19U


Edifier R19U, Big things comes in small package

The front view of the Edifier R19U

Audio is the heart and soul of everything, being able to portray idea with sound is one of the best gifts to humankind. As magnificent as it is, Audio some time are mispresent by the poor quality of an instrument.

In this review, we look at the Edifier R19U, which in our opinion, an amazing piece of hardware at the price of RM87.00. Said to comes with build in sound card, we take an in-depth tear down look at the beating hearts of this speaker.


1. Edifier R19U, overview

The Edifier R19U is driven by a Mid-Range 2.75inch driver cover with none removable net.

The R19U is as simple as your first glance to it, an USB powered 2.0 speaker. Now usually a USB powered device have quite limited output, this is due to the limitation of the power USB can only provide 500mA. Now we suspect issues with drawing power from USB is first the low power, second is the signal noise. With the R19U, Edifier has devised a good work around with a “build in sound card”. We’ll look further into this later.

It is driven by a 2.75-inch speaker to deliver all frequency. At these sort of setup, don’t expect it to be performing outstandingly throughout all frequency, rather it is quite balanced at high, mid, low. Keep your standard at RM87, we can’t really find any speaker that come close to this in Malaysia.