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Gentleman’s Guide to Affordable Personal Audio – Edifier P275


Edifier P275, appreciate the little things

You know, when we got this IEM, there’s nothing really stands out from it. Is a simple IEM that seems to keep everything to itself. As we recently also reviewed the Edifier R19U, we have hopes that it will surprise us. Not out of supprise, the Edifier P275 packs a well balance performance in its little package.

Edifier P275 is an affordable earphone that is bass-centric and warm

2. Sound Quality

Now the first thing you notice when you use this headphone is the present of good bass. It is noticeable punchy and stands out from the other frequency. The ooom sound of the bass is also quite visible and is pleasant to listen to, I would say this is a rather warm IEM.

Now the downside is the higher frequency is not as obvious as the bass, but is not that visible. Generally, you may say this IEM have a liking in the bass. During a listen to Hans Zimmer, the Bass is clear and layered well, you can hear the drum sinking into silence, bounce up, and vibrate again. In another listening test with Nina Simone’s “Feeling good”, the vocal is cleared but not as remarkable as how the low frequency as.