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Edifier G4, When Extra Bass is not enough




Being an industry column in computer speaker or music-centric market, Edifier is a relative newcomer when it comes to Gaming Headphone, their previous gaming headphone, the G2, and G3 bring a good balance with packing Music & Gaming mode. Now, with the new G4, Edifier further the effort to make your gaming experience a banging one! Why so? Let’s find out.


1. The Edifier G4 overview

Let’s go through with the basic spec first. The Edifier G4 has several impressive features up its sleeve. First, it has a Built-in sound card, the Edifier G4 carries a CM108B SOC on board, it is capable of 7.1 virtual surround sound with DSP.

The ear cup comes with LED ring around the 40mm neodymium driver and with Metal Mesh as an air intake. The ear cup used PU leather, is breathable and comfortable, allow prolonged time of wearing the G4 without ear feeling uncomfortable. Finally, the G4 comes with an impressive retractable, flexible mic with a LED ring on it.