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Gentleman’s Guide to Audio – Edifier B1, the most affordable premium soundbar in Malaysia


Speakers are complicated, let alone home theatre speaker systems. Dealing with complicated matters such as messy cables, multiple speakers’ satellites, space allocation, and a disturbing thought that the speaker didn’t sound correct because it wasn’t placed correctly. That’s why soundbars are invented – and the Edifier B1 is one of the most value-centric soundbar available in the market right now.

A soundbar is a type of speaker that design to deal with all those hassles. Small in size, a sound bar has the potential to replace a full-size home theatre system with the extra benefit of fitting in with most of the television sets out there.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

Edifier B1 is the entry model of Edifier’s B series soundbar, which consists of other higher-end models consist the B3 mid-range model and the B7 high-end model. Being the lesser model of the series, it does not mean bad performance. In contrast, at this price point, there’s hardly any soundbar that is well-equipped as the Edifier B1 out there on the market. Curious why we say so? Find out more in our review.

Edifier B1 – entry-level sound bar, premium offering

Edifier B1 Soundbar

The Edifier B1 is what you expected, a speaker that shape like a long stick. It comes with an RCA port and a 3.5mm jack for input, also surprisingly a sub-out for sub-woofer expansion.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

Behind the speaker have a bracket to hang the speaker on the wall, the accessories to hang does not come together with the speaker, so it’ll have to be purchased separately.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

There was seemingly a confusion on the matters of a number of the drivers available on B1. Long stories short, there are actually 6 drivers – not 4. Some sources suggested 4 drivers, but upon removing the protective grid we found a pleasant surprise. Not only that there are 6 drivers build in the speaker, but also the tweeter used here is the “Eagle Eye” dome tweeter. Eagle Eye tweeter is used mostly in Edifier’s mid to high-end products.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

The Build

Edifier B1 Soundbar

The build qualities of the Edifier B1 does reflect being in the Sub RM300 range. What we can see is that other than the front grid, the side panel is made using simple plastic casing. It is quite disappointing since the plastic are quite prone to scratches, and during the time we review this speaker it already shows some wear.

The right panel houses the controls. The speaker is kept to the minimum, only volumes buttons, inputs selection, and the power button. While some soundbar does away with the buttons design, I prefer Edifier B1’s design with these buttons, as the speaker remain operational without the remote.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

The left panel carries only the tagline of Edifier, A Passion For Sound. The body is a reuleaux triangle molded out of plastic with black gloss finishing. The idea of reuleaux triangle shape speaker is great due to it angled the speaker in an upward position, allowing the sound to travel freely through the room.

This simple and minimalist approach, this design does highlights what Edifier stands for all these while, a focus on sound, not flashy outlook.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

In conclusion, Edifier B1’s build is a sound bar build with being practicality in mind. There is no flashy build or feature, only a solid structure. While the side panel could have been build using some better material, but this can be easily forgiven understanding that the B1 is at the sub-RM300 range.

The Sound

The High

Edifier B1 Soundbar

As mention earlier, we were surprised that the tweeter used here the Eagle Eye tweeter dome offered by Edifier. The Eagle eye dome tweeter used mostly in Edifier’s higher-end offering.

Built with silk mix film, it produced a well-dispersed, warm, mellow, and refined sound. This allows Edifier B1 to excel greatly in handling human vocal well in movies or TV program. Through our listening test, we rarely come across a situation that a speech being muffled by other frequencies.

The Mid & Low

Edifier B1 Soundbar

These mid-range drivers might be identical but does not function the same. From the left side of the speaker, the first driver projected mid frequencies and the right projected low frequencies. It is done to create a realistic and surround sound experience.

So far during our listening test, the mid and low of Edifier B1 perform admirably. In Zack Hemsey – “Vengeance”, the vocal is crisp and clear thanks to the eagle eye tweeter, the bass is surprisingly punchy and deep, yet flexible enough to swift between shifting between mid and low frequencies.

Watch movie with the Edifier B1 is amazing, the exploding sense in the critically-acclaimed action movie V for Vendetta is as dramatic and impactful as watching in the cinema.

There is no distortion at the highest volume, speech and background music were spot on and clear. Though, even at the highest volume, it still wasn’t loud enough for me. The loudness is just enough to fill the room in my opinion.

The Modes

Edifier B1 comes with 3 audio modes, News, 3D, and Movie. Each mode sounds distinctively different and from our experience, and it does impact our movie experience so we do recommend user to fully utilize them.

Edifier B1 Soundbar

The news mode:

High frequency is lifted here and the bass is almost inaudible to ensure speech and dialogue are much clearer. This mode is likely to work for gaming too since gunfire sound and footsteps also are much audible without bass.

The 3D mode:

Amazingly, this mode increases the soundstage of the Edifier B1. The bass and mid-range frequencies are noticeably increased. It is noticeable that during this mode, the sound will be lightened at one channel and amplified at the other.

We do very much enjoy the 3D mode, especially in an intense car chase or space battle scene, this mode really brings the scene to life.

The Movie mode:

If you like explosions in your movie, this is your go-to mode. This mode increases the level of both bass and treble without muffling each other.

Honestly, this is our favorite audio modes in Edifier B1. It is well suited as the always-on mode for the Edifier B1 in any kind of movies. The lifted bass brings life to explosion scene, but in the same time, it still compliments the vocal and dialogue.

Wrap Up

Edifier B1 Soundbar

This is one of the better sounding speakers we tried in our course of reviewing speakers. It has the punchy bass of a small 2.1 speaker and clarity that no sub-RM300 speaker can match, in my opinion. With a selling price of RM259 honored by Lazada, this is one of the best value-centric soundbars on Lazada.

Gentlemen recommend the Edifier B1 to anyone who is looking for an affordable upgrade from their current system. If you’re new to soundbars, at the RM269 is a very reasonable price to dip your toe into this and get a better idea of what soundbar is. If you’re looking for a normal multi-media speaker, we also recommend the Edifier R1280DB, an affordable 2.0 speaker at amazing price point.

Pros & Cons


  • 6 drivers.
  • “Eagle Eye” Tweeter.
  • Most affordable branded sound bar in Lazada.


  • Plastic side panels are easily scratch.
  • Could be louder.


  • Power output: RMS 16W×2(Treble)+19 W×4 (Mid-range and bass)
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
  • Frequency response : 70Hz~20kHz (±3dB)
  • Input sensitivity : Line in: 700 ± 50mV AUX: 550 ± 50mV
  • Input type: Auxiliary/Line in
  • Bass driver: 2¾” (70mm)
  • Treble driver: 3/4” (19mm) silk dome tweeter
  • Speaker dimension: 1000×79×80 mm
  • Packing box dimension: 1066×170×143mm


Sound Quality
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