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Paying RM81.70 for RM100 of Petronas Petrol *Update with new Code!


Update with working code!

1pm 12/12/2017

Our source inform us that voucher code “UBOR12” & “LZDOR12” is working!

Be fast before Lazada patch the voucher!


Never before had Malaysian sat quietly once every week, waiting for that one fine announcement to curse at the Government, or thank God while cursing at the Government. Yes, I’m talking about the weekly petrol price adjustment.

Paying RM81.70 for RM100 of Petronas Petrol

As a recap, below is the price of weekly petrol price since launch:

We have to take upon our self to find methods to save petrol, today we share with you how we paid RM81.70 for RM100 worth of Petronas Petrol.

How we do it

What you need:

  • Smartphone
  • Lazada App & Account

Step 1

Click this link or search “PETRONAS Gift Card” in lazada app. PETRONAS Gift Cards is like a debit card for Petronas petrol station. It works likes a Credit card, you slot it in the pump station, once approved and you can pump away! Other then fuel, you can also purchase snacks and other on-the-go items in Petronas’s Mesra Shop.

Paying RM81.70 for RM100 of Petronas Petrol

  • This fuel card functions like a prepaid card / debit card that can be used for purchases at any PETRONAS stations in Malaysia (petrol, diesel and Kedai Mesra items)
  • The credit inside this card is RM100.
  • The card is re-loadable (minimum RM10) the card and check your balance anytime at any 1,000 PETRONAS station nationwide

Here you can see that the petrol card is offered at RM95 for RM100 worth of petrol, at this rate you will be getting 43.68 Litre of Ron 95 petrol (RM2.29).

Step 2

How do we purchase this at a price of RM81.70? On 5th of Dec, our source provides us with a voucher code “iloveor1212” which gave 12% discount on the purchase. With a purchase of 2 petrol cards, we end up with discount up to RM26.60!!Paying RM81.70 for RM100 of Petronas Petrol

At the time of this article being written the voucher code had already run out. Fear not, Lowyat.net have an active community that shares voucher code from time to time, do visit them to find out what voucher is available.

Step 3

Paying RM81.70 for RM100 of Petronas Petrol

Once the card arrived at your doorsteps, you don’t need to do any activation process. Just bring it to the nearest Petronas, slot the card into the pump station, and pump away!

As per now, you are pumping RM100 worth of petrol at price of only RM81.70! The price reduction effectively dropping your petrol price from RM2.29 per litre to RM1.87! At this rate, we’re paying the lowest rate we had for the past 2 years!

Total Litre Price per Litre
 RM  100.00 43.68  RM              2.29
 RM    95.00 43.68  RM              2.17
 RM    81.70 43.68  RM              1.87

Go purchase your own petrol card today and enjoy your cheap petrol people!


Gentlementech would like to thank The Ideal Mobile that spotted the deal and help a friend out! Also, kudos to the vivid community in Lowyat.net that light our days up with Lazada promo code.