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Gentleman’s Guide To Handfree – AWEI A831BL

General Overview of Awei A831BL

AWEI A831BL, the to-go driving companion

Awei A831BL offers Excellent battery performance with good call quality and a comfortable fitting that won’t heat up your ears anytime.


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1. Review

As a person that always has allot to do, one free hand is just isn’t enough. A reliable Bluetooth headset frees my other hand from the task of holding my phone (which believe me, is the mostly what it does after I hit adolescents). An extra hand lets me type properly, and drive without getting summons. The problem with Bluetooth headsets though, is the balance between design, battery life, call quality, and affordability; under normal circumstances, you can’t ask for a product that is well balance out.

Am I saying the AWEI A831BL is the perfect balance between all these factors? Not in a long shot, but what I am saying is that AWEI delivers a good bang for bucks. Let’s begin.


Ever admire the simplicity of modern day minimalism? The Awei A831BL is crafted from that inspiration. The elegant slick lining imbedded was a surprisingly creative touch on the designer’s part.  It is about the size of a flash drive with brush metal texture and a little bit of black plastic on the top. The simplicity of the design does not compromise what a headset is supposed to do, the cylindrical tube allows the mic to capture your voice clearly through a tiny metal mash plate over the mic, the answering, power button is well concealed and responds surprisingly well.

Mic of Awei A831BL of classy in design and functional too

Your choice of colors are gold and silver, serving as a fashionable accessory that a gentleman deserves. You won’t look that that star trek wannabe when you walk out in the public, but a professional man on a mission.

The Tech Within

Quick & Rich Benefits with this Earpiece

You’ll get what all modern portable device supposed to have when it comes to wireless protocol. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0, so expect this bad boy to have long stamina, you can even leave it in the car for days before you need to recharge it! It’s 900 mAh battery lasts a good 7 hours of phone calls – tested and proven!

Secondly, the headset becomes pretty unusable when it’s battery hits 10% and below. The headset begins to give off a warning in Mandarin, every 5 minutes, until it runs out of juice. I mean, this is the most annoying thing about this headset. So when its running low on battery, you will really need to finish your conversation as soon as possible. Being interrupted every 5 minutes can render a person unproductive.

The Fitting

Earbud is surprisingly comfortable for the Awei A831BL

Awei A831BL comes with an ear hanger to help keep the headset secure, is it comfortable? No, not if you like the sensation of your ear’s blood circulation being cut off. Is it necessary to use the ear hang? No. The Awei A831BL actually fits well in my ears without the help of the ear hanger thanks to the adjacent rubber earbud. There’s no slipping or dropping off unless I intentionally remove the device. I really like how the rubber earbud sits in my ear with minimum contact to flesh, means it won’t heat up overtime and cause uncomfortable itches.

The ear hanger of the review unit given to me actually snapped into half while I was trying to remove it. Call me clumsy, but I assume many buyers will face the same issue too. Quite disappointed, but then again, I don’t need the ear hang since the earbud did most the of work.

Generally, I am quite pleased that the clear audio fed directly into the ear canal without the need to fumble into any awkward positions (Personal experience with Jabra Entry range). I would say this is one of the better experiences with earbud.


The main button of Awei A831BL
The main button of Awei A831BL

To be honest, the Awei A931BL is not easy to set up unless you go through the manual. Let’s simplify it:

  1. Hold the button for 2 seconds to switch on/off of the button.
  2. Hold the button for 5 seconds to…
    1. Enter pairing mode
    2. Pair with 2nd phone
    3. Pair multiple phones with the 1st phone
    4. Disable the phone’s Bluetooth
    5. Switch on the 1st
  3. Click the button once to answer / end call
  4. If no calls are coming in, clicking the main button will bring up “Ok Google”.

Call quality is mediocre, but it gets the job done. Expect to pressing it hard against your ears when receiving calls in crowded areas. Great Mic quality though! Entry models priced at this range will often leave the mic quality found wanting.

General Overview of Awei A831BL