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Aman Ra is the NEW “DEEZER NEXT” Artist in Singapore & Malaysia


New Announcement include Global and Local Acts from Around the World

Deezer, the world’s most personal music streaming service, announced today hip-hop artist Aman RA as the new Deezer NEXT 2018 act in Singapore and Malaysia.

Deezer NEXT, is an artist first program designed to support emerging talent from around the world and Aman RA, one of the country’s biggest breakout hip-hop stars.  Aman RA, also known as Budak Flat in Malaysia has built a large following online with combined views of over 34 million on Youtube. Aman RA first found his passion for rap during his high school years and  expressed his personal struggles through his own lyrics.

Aman RA delivers street-savvy hip-hop with conviction and authenticity. He has received several accolades for his work. These include the VIMA (Voice Independent Music Awards) for Best Hip-Hop/Urban Song and Song of the Year and 8TV’s WORD Rap Battle’s ‘Most Valuable Poet’ award.  Aman RA’s passion for music and self- expression has also led him to be chosen to write and perform the theme song for 9th ASEAN Para Games in September 2017.

Aman RA commented:  “I am extremely honoured to be chosen as part of Deezer NEXT. As a hip-hop artist I hope to encourage the growth of the genre in Malaysia. It takes an entire kampung to build a star, so thank you.”

What Is Deezer NEXT

Deezer NEXT is a 12-month program designed to champion emerging talent from around the world.  Chosen acts will receive profile development, playlisting support and take part in creative artist marketing campaigns.  Aman RA joins other Deezer NEXT talents from the region announced earlier this year – Midnight Fusic, Rayssa Dynta and Rahmania Astrini.

Alongside Aman RA’s announcement as the Deezer NEXT artist for Singapore and Malaysia, Deezer also named The Blaze as its next global priority act.  The Blaze, a unique French dance and electronic duo, released their first single ‘Virile’ in 2016. They have since released popular tracks ‘Territory’ and ‘Heaven’, and a new album is due to drop later this year.