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Beyond Face Value – 5 Reasons why Phablet work in Commercial Environment


This is a follow-up article for the earlier review of an RM299 phablet. As these devices are known to be under powered and do not hold their ground very well when compared to other smart devices. So what’s the point? We found 5 reasons why phablet devices make sense, but instead of daily use, we focus on 5 reasons why phablet in the commercial environment:

11. As an inventory management devices

Before these, an advance warehouse used a mobile computer to speed up the inventory process. These systems are state of the art and effective in carrying out the work they are meant to, but these systems are also expensive to implement.

Accordingly to a document available online, these systems can roughly cost about $3000 USD per mobile computer, and the cost will increase according to the complexity of the system. We also look at a simpler system, to start off you need about $1500 with software and a single system. Of cause, these are heavy industrial usage, thus the high price range. But to a large shale company, to improve productivity and efficiency, that’s a really small cost to pay.


But what if your operation is smaller and does not require the heavy setup as so? You just want a simpler setup and accurate recording but do not think the cost is justifiable yet. The phablet size and mobility alongside with some nifty apps can be an extremely affordable solution.

1 of the 5 Reasons pamphlet work is that is can be use as sales inventory devices.

A phablet cost about $50 USD with inventory management apps are more than capable to get the job done, some apps can even offer system integration in existing post system!

22. As a mobile navigation devices

Why would you need dedicated navigation device you ask? You say I have my smart phone and it is more than capable to handle some Google map or Waze!

You’re not wrong my friend. But consider this, at the rate we consume our media, you’re most likely to be using your smart phone for both streaming music and navigation in the same time when you’re driving. To accomplish these 2 tasks, the batteries of the device deplete faster than usual. To counter that, you charge the device while driving, which tends to make the device very hot and thus, putting it into heat loop.

By having a dedicated navigation device, you can spear your smart phone from all these issues. Make navigation and communication easier and more effective, and also avoid having those moments of navigation interruption when there’s call coming in.

Android Nouget Dual Screen Navigation

As an extra credit, with the larger screen of a phablet , now you can have your music app and navigation display the same time! Thanks, Android Nougat!

33. As a mobile sales devices

Sending paper document back and fore is a hassle. All that documenting and the filing time are best to spend at doing anything else actually. When a sales personal slow down, the sales slow down.

So how do you ensure your sales person is not bound by the filing task? You simplify it, mobilize it, and centralize it. With mobile sales management app, sales person are able to manage sales on the go with simple and effective UI on the go.

Mobile Sales App

A good example of these sales app is Sales Assist, this app is capable to create Sales Order, Purchase Order, manage inventory. check, Payment Followup and other activities!

44. As a Secondary Screen

By having a secondary monitor will either boost productivity or make your media consumption more effectively (More distraction). But is undeniable, the functionality of having a secondary screen is enormous.

Some examples of the functions of a secondary screen include:

  • Mail monitoring
  • Document proofing
  • Production work such as video production

One of the apps that do these flawlessly is the SpaceDesk, which used the wireless network to connect to your smart devices as a secondary screen. Or if you prefer to use wired connection, try Twomon USB to decrease latency.

55. Portable Projector

Sales personal used to carry projectors with them to the client office. A full flag projector is heavy and delicate, if not expensive too. Now with more and more smart TV have cast function, putting content on your smart devices on screen is never any easier.

With that in mind, your smart device can either cast directly on to the screen either with the build in cast function, or other cast protocol like miracast, Microsoft Wireless Display.


There you have it, 5 reasons to use a phablet devices in the commercial environment. We hope this helps you find some useful information in this article, if you do, do like our Facebook page to keep your self update!